The Teaching President

I know it's difficult to believe, but yes President Trump has been a "Teaching President".  What has he taught America? He has taught young men that you can indeed assault a woman without repercussions, then admit it to your peers and eventually the entire country...and still be President. He's taught us that running for office, … Continue reading The Teaching President


The Beat of the Drum

Mom taught me something about individuality as I grew up, and I passed it on to my daughter. She taught me to be ME.  She warned me, that as a teenager there were many influences and pressures that would bombard me such as alcohol, drugs, sex, social responsibility, and in general just being a good … Continue reading The Beat of the Drum

Rude Awakening

Just a simple definition of the phrase "Rude Awakening" from the dictionary: Rude Awakening - when you have a severe shock when you discover the truth of a situation. I think a lot of people will have one of these within the next 6 months, and then I'll share the definition of REMORSE and DESPAIR.