Review: Katfish Kastle

Or "Katfish Heaven" might be more appropriate in this case. But before I describe my experience at this great catfish restaurant, there are a couple of things about the restaurant I'd like to share. First off, Katfish Kastle is located directly across the street from the Kream Kastle, an iconic Blytheville drive-in restaurant that is … Continue reading Review: Katfish Kastle


REVIEW: Mission BBQ Chesapeake, VA

I originally "reviewed" this BBQ Restaurant back in November 2017 on Tripadvisor. I made a return trip recently (June 2018) and wanted to do a quick followup from my first visit. I was really never keen on reviewing BBQ chain restaurant...Maybe it's me, but I just never thought they could compete with the Mom and … Continue reading REVIEW: Mission BBQ Chesapeake, VA