REVIEW: Mission BBQ Chesapeake, VA

I originally "reviewed" this BBQ Restaurant back in November 2017 on Tripadvisor. I made a return trip recently (June 2018) and wanted to do a quick followup from my first visit. I was really never keen on reviewing BBQ chain restaurant...Maybe it's me, but I just never thought they could compete with the Mom and … Continue reading REVIEW: Mission BBQ Chesapeake, VA


REVIEW: Piggs-N-Paws Dog Boarding

Let me start off by saying that when family members take care of your pet (in our case our dog) have peace of mind and can rest assured that your pet or dog is being cared for just like the family member they are. However, many times placing the burden of this care on a … Continue reading REVIEW: Piggs-N-Paws Dog Boarding