Significant Events

On this day it occurred to me that at least in my life, three significant events dealing with our Nation happened that truly stand out to me. Yeah I know, there are significant and pivotal moments in the history of our Nation that I could also list, but thinking back, these three seemed to impact ME and many OTHERS more than the rest. The events I speak of took our Nation by surprise and changed our way of thinking.

On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman. Yes, I said a lone gunman as there is no evidence anyone else was involved in the shooting itself. Our nation mourned the death of what could have been a history altering Presidency, and will forever be a death that we all witnessed. I remember I was in the 3rd grade and when news broke of the assassination, they sent everyone home from school.

The second event was of course the day our Nation was attacked by the Osama Bin Laden terrorists on September 11, 2001. The terrorists attacked our nation in 3 separate airplane attacks, including the destruction of the NY Twin Towers. More than 2900 people were killed in these attacks and 25,000 more injured. Our nation was horrified that such a thing could happen on our own soil. We as collective native watched hours and hours of coverage and mourned for weeks and months following this horrific event. Immediately after the attacks, I saw America pull together like I had never seen before, but it was short lived. And yet, 20 years after the attacks we are still dealing with the aftermath of the attacks with first responders both dying and fighting for the benefits and healthcare they need. They put their lives on the line to rescue, recover, and rebuild from those attacks, and our thanks is to turn our backs on them. It’s shameful.

And finally, we come to the January 6, 2021 insurrection. If I can be truly honest here, I would have thought ANY attacks on our Nations Capitol would have come from ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, or Russia, but I never thought in my my wildest dreams it would come from the terrorists in our own Country. And yes, those people that stormed the Capitol ARE terrorists! And the people who instructed them, incited them, and enabled them are no different than the role that Osama Bin Laden played in 2001. All of them, including Trump, the 147 members of the House of Representatives that refused to certify the election, McCarthy, McConnell all have blood on their hands.

As for the members of Congress like Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., he said the House floor was not breached and that the supporters of former President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol behaved “in an orderly fashion. But that’s simply not true. In fact, there are photographs showing Clyde helping to barricade the chambers door. He said the insurrection was not real and was like “any other tourist day” at the Capitol. And many Republican voters believed him, they are not even smart enough to either verify his claims or to see he is clearly lying to them. Senator Ron Johnson claims it was a peaceful demonstration. He’s a liar. Simple. He’s a liar.

So we’ve come to today. A vote on forming a commission to investigate the insurrection that occurred on January 6th. And we have Senator McConnell asking his caucus to “do him a favor” and NOT pass the resolution to form a commission. He’s literally placing his own desires over that of the Nation. That is the complete opposite of how Patriotism is defined. It’s the OPPOSITE.

America is in trouble folks. You have Republicans trying to limit WHO can vote, WHERE to vote, and HOW to vote…this wreaks of Russian politics, and yet the Republicans embrace it. It’s sad, and I’m afraid we’ll all be worse off for it. Unfortunately, by the time most of us see it for what it really is…it might be too late. I totally believe that of these 3 events, the insurrection of January 6, 2021 has done more damage to our democracy than ANY OTHER EVENT in the last 100+ years. And don’t you find it ironic, that almost EVERY event in which there was an insurrection or uprising involved to some degree a level of RACISM. Check my facts. PLEASE.

So in closing this post and just to be clear.
Trump is a crook.
Trump was a corrupt President.
Trump obstructed justice and broke many laws.
Trump’s campaign did indeed collude with Russia.
Trump is a mob boss that pardoned 7 of his advisors and close associates that could have flipped him.
Trump is a money launderer.
Trump is racist, bigot, sexual assaulter and purveyor of outlandish and unbelievable conspiracy theories.
Trump is a narcissist, ego maniac and bully that is devoid of any human compassion or empathy.

Regarding (MOST) of the Republicans Party.
You are cowards.
You are doing a disservice to your constituents and the nation.
You will go down in history as enablers of untruths, and the deterioration of democracy.
You enable racism and bigotry in return for the power of dictating your views on an entire nation.
You have forsaken democracy for money, power and control.
You have allowed your party to be infiltrated by conspiracy theorists, liars and thieves.

Trump Supporters
I don’t get it. How can you be so easily deceived.
Do you really see Trump as a fair person? A good person? Someone looking out for you or our Country?
Can you not see the racism of Trump or the Republican party? The bigotry? The arrogance of white nationalism?
Do you EVEN check facts? Do you verify what you read or hear? DO YOU USE COMMON SENSE?

So I’m done. I lost (maybe lost isn’t the right word) quite a few friends during the Trump era. I’m afraid (OK, maybe I’m not afraid at all) that I’ll be losing even more over the coming months and years. It’s really funny to me that in my 66 years of living on this earth, 60 of them did not involve losing friends over politics or their views. Only since the inception of the far right (which has always been much more militaristic and violent) and beginning with “Tea Party” loonies and progressing into what we have now…which is just raw racism, suppressive state governments and the ability for militias to STORM a sacred pillar of our democracy with many in our Congress praising them…it baffles the shit out of me. It angers me, and I see it getting worse. And of the 3 events I listed, the insurrection is the most dangerous of them all, and as long as you have IDIOTS voting other IDIOTS into government, maintaining democracy will be a challenge.

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