Apologizing To An Angel

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I posted today in remembrance of my Mom’s 93rd birthday, and I use this story as a tribute to my own Mother. Even though she is gone, she continues to guide me through life. I miss her greatly, and remember what she wrote to me and my Brother’s in a letter she wrote to us and opened after her death. It said, “I’ll be your guardian angel, so don’t go through life so fast that I can’t keep up with you”. She was a fantastic Mother with all the great attributes of a loving Mom and would have done anything for her boys.

After Mom passed in 2013, only then did I understand and appreciate the bond between a Mother and her children. So over these past 8 years I have felt guilty about an incident that happened a long time ago, in fact decades ago and a few years into my career in healthcare. So I have a confession to make…actually it’s more of an apology.

What I’m about to describe is a true story from my days when I worked as a Lab Tech at Chickasawba Hospital in Blytheville, AR. I don’t remember many of the details, nor do I remember if it was a man or woman, only that this “patient” that I was drawing blood from was an elderly person in the last hours of their life.

While I was drawing the blood from this elderly patient, they were crying out for their MOTHER over and over again. I remember callously thinking how “crazy” it was that someone so old would be crying out for their Mother when apparently their Mother had passed many years prior. It was only after my own Mother passed that I gained an entirely different perspective, and realized after Mom died…how a child can call out for their Mother…even as an adult.

So I owe that elderly person an apology. I owe them a heartfelt and sincere apology. I am much more understanding about child’s love and respect for their Mother. I now know the lessons of life can be eye opening and that our parents guidance can continue from the way were raised, or maybe it was my “guardian angel”.

I’m so sorry.

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