Schlitz Beer – Dangerous

Although a short story, I hope this is a profound lesson teaching moment. My Uncle Sonny (Chuck Haile) was a prolific beer drinker. When I say PROLIFIC, I mean he had a beer in his morning, noon and night. In fact, late at night if he didn't finish his beer, instead of pouring it out, … Continue reading Schlitz Beer – Dangerous


REVIEW: Can Insulators and Koozies

Can Coolers, Insulators and Koozies Yeah, I know and I have heard this hundreds of times, "if you need something that costs $40 to keep your beer from getting warm, then you ain't drankin' fast enough". I get it!! But not all of us guzzle our beer down in 5 minutes, some of us take … Continue reading REVIEW: Can Insulators and Koozies