My Ice Chest Project project I have ever built. My homemade ice chest cooler from an OLD 50 qt Coleman cooler, a few 2x4's and some fence pickets...VERY COOL! And it works stays cold and iced for 5 days!! Good for any kind of drinks, cokes, water and yes...even beer. Let's just say that there is no … Continue reading My Ice Chest Project


The Inadvertent “F” Bombs “R-rated”

I was a sailor! Nuff said, well not really. I'm a chameleon kinda. In other words, I can adapt to many situations and conversations. My goal in these situations and conversations has always been to RESPECT the most conservative person in these situations, never wanting to offend anyone on purpose. This brings me to (as … Continue reading The Inadvertent “F” Bombs “R-rated”