Letter to Howard Johnson Family

September 19, 2018

To The Family of Howard N. Johnson

2Bootcamp_Company_howard_johnsonI am hopeful this letter finds itself into the hands of the family of Howard Johnson. I was friends with and spent time with Howard in the Navy. Of all the guys I was stationed with in the Navy there were only 2 standouts and Howard was one of them. I have been looking for those 2 guys for more than 19 years. The other gentleman I found about 10 years ago, but I only found information about Howard a few weeks ago.

wally_navy_group_fb (2)My reason for contact is for 3 reasons. 1) I want to share some old photos I have Howard…I think I have about 6-8 photos of him from our Navy days. 2) I want to know a little about his life after his time in the Navy and 3) I want to share those details with the other 12 guys from our boot camp company.

If you, or anyone in Howard’s family would be so kind to contact me, I will share the remainder of the photos I have with you and maybe even some stories. Howard was a great guy and as I said before, he was one of only 2 guys that stuck out in my mind.

I thank you for this consideration, and I thank you for sharing Howard with his service to his country. I was proud to have served a short, but meaningful time with him in 1973. I know he’s gone now, but we have an old Navy saying for those that have departed this life… “Rest your oars sailor, we have the watch”.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.



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