Review: David’s Burger Update

I’m always on the prowl for another good burger and I found one at David’s Burgers in Conway. I have eaten hamburgers from many parts of the US, and I gotta say this is the best burger I have ever eaten… And that’s saying something for a “fast food” type burger.

davids_burgerWhen you walk in the door…the crew starts shouting out and greeting you. Maybe it’s a little overboard on the welcoming, but everyone genuine seems happy. The menu is very simple and basic, mostly hamburgers (they do have a chicken option)…but mostly just hamburgers. I got the double combo which is a double patty burger with any toppings you want to add. There are several items that do include a small surcharge.  This entire meal includes all you can eat VERY TASTY fries that are usually served before your meal arrives in addition to the ones that come with your meal.

The burgers are made from steaks that have ground up so the meat is of the highest ground chuck quality and they never use the trimmings or by products from the meat when they are preparing ,or grinding the meat up. You can order the burger to your wellness desires and the burger always arrives piping hot and juicy. The toppings are always FRESH, and as of this writing and numerous visits, have had an order arrive either wrong or unsatisfactory.

NOTE: I will mention that I like a well seasoned burger and their burgers are well seasoned, in fact for some too much. But luckily, you can have them go light on the seasonings or withhold the seasoning all together…personally, I love the flavor profile of their burgers which tends to be a little saltier than you might get at other establishments.

When you are done with your burger, the very attentive waitresses come around will ask if you’re interested in their free “sample” cup ice cream (vanilla, chocolate or swirl combo)…it too is a very high quality ice cream.

So here’s a brief summary of my experience at David’s Burgers in Conway (and the same experience in Cabot, AR too):

The burger arrived HOT, it was JUICY, it was WELL DONE, and it was SEASONED perfectly!! Their combo meals consists of fries while you wait for your meal to arrive, your meal, and then a free “sample” of ice cream at the end of your meal. All in all a great experience.

And although this is what I consider a “fast food” burger, it is really one of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten… it’s kinda like a hybrid of a “Mom and Pop” burger crossed with a fast food burger…and it’s scrumptious. And in the numerous times I have eaten there (probably close 50 visits now)…I have NEVER had a bad burger or bad fries. It’s good. It’s consistent. The people are nice. And the quality never waivers!!

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