Review: Sonic Corndog vs Other Corndogs


If you’ve read any of my previous reviews on food, you know I can be pretty wordy. Here’s my brief review of Sonic corndogs vs ANY other corndogs (up to and including fair corndogs, carnival corndogs, or street vendor corndogs. All of those “other” corndogs can be reviewed at one time because they are basically the same.

If size matters or you gotta have the BIG ONE…then those “carny” fair” corndogs are for you. But, if you’re interested in taste THEY SUCK big time. I have never, EVER had a corndog from a carnival, fair or street vendor that was any good, in fact every time I got one, they would be disappointing. Yep, they sure looked good and they’re like a meal on stick…until you took a bite of a “GRAINY”, mostly MUSHY, lackadaisical tasting corndog. They’re terrible, and yet still I would get snookered into getting one based on how good they looked. Most of the time I ended up throwing the dang thing away.


BUT…every time I would get a Sonic Corndog…I would just smile. Nope, not as big as the carny ones, but they’re DONE, THEY TASTE GOOD, they’re cheap and they ain’t grainy (from coarse cornmeal). And I just love gnawing off that bit of well done crust that is left after you’ve eaten the whole corndog. Oh, and MUSTARD. LOTS and LOTS of MUSTARD.

So here it is… my short little Review of the Corndog.

THE WIENER (loser):  You lose carny, grainy, mushy nasty corndogs.


And yes, I had a couple of Sonic corndogs for supper tonight. Hmmmm Hmm.

SPECIAL NOTE: A couple of years ago, I actually visited the original INVENTOR of the corndog in Springfield, IL. A place called the Cozy Dog Drive-In. And although it was a cool place to visit (I even bought a t-shirt from them)…their corndog did not measure up to the TASTE of the Sonic corndog.

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