Tisha’s Place – Good Burger and THE BEST MUSHROOMS!

So today I go for a little ride and decide to go up to Heber Springs to eat at a little place called Trisha’s Place (formerly called Famous Larry’s Burgers). I have eat there several times before, including when it was called Larry’s Famous Burgers. The burgers are always good, but the mushrooms are FANTASTIC!!

Today I ordered a jumbo bacon cheeseburger with mustard, pickle and onion (MPO is the only way to truly evaluate a burger), and also an order of mushrooms and some sweet tea to drink. A nice little lunch for sure.

My food arrives (piping hot). The burger is wrapped in paper with a banana pepper stuck to the top with a toothpick. The mushrooms are in a cardboard/paper boat with a plastic cup of ranch dressing. Fancy it ain’t though. No silverware or anything, but I’m not really complaining. Eating the food made me forget about a fork!

I love a (semi-burnt) crust on my burger, this was well done, but no crust. It didn’t matter though as the burger was juicy, tasty and the bacon was just right. It was a VERY GOOD burger. Overall, the burger is nothing special other than being a GOOD no frills burger…and that’s a huge compliment!! I don’t really care for “gourmet burgers”…at least not when I just want a good no frills burger (which is what I almost always prefer).

The mushrooms. Oh, the MUSHROOMS. These are medium sized mushrooms that Tisha’s Place rolls in a buttermilk batter and then adds something that gives the mushrooms just the HINT of a kick. No they’re not hot, just BARELY spicy. They are juicy, spicy and the best tasting deep fried mushrooms I have ever had…and this is my second time eating them, so their taste is not a fluke.

The tea was good. Not too sweet and just sweet enough.

The bill was $10 for the entire meal including the drink. I will be eating my burgers here a lot more often now I know the mushrooms are consistently good. Their burgers have always been good too though. I recommend this place HIGHLY.

Here is the demographics of the place.
Trisha’s Place
Address:48 Country Aire Dr, Heber Springs, AR 72543
Phone:(501) 362-8376
GPS:  35.459396, -92.044989

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