Heading to Boot Camp 1973

As I remember…

Three weeks after graduating High School, Rick Nelson picked me up at the house and we headed off to Little Rock to spend the night (at the old Downtowner Hotel) before flying to Chicago to begin training in the US Navy.

On the plane, I remember being both nervous and anxious knowing about what I was to face the next day. I sat next to a young lady, probably in her early 30’s with short hair. I told her that she reminded me of Carol Burnett. I think that flattered her, not that I was trying to flirt or anything, but she asked me where I was going. I replied that I was on my way to Navy boot camp in Great Lakes. She then asked if she could buy me a drink, and told her that I was only 18 and was not old enough to drink. She stated very forcefully that if I was old enough to go to boot camp and serve my country, then I was old enough to drink. It was a very good rum and coke! – June 10, 1973

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