Projection And Our Electoral Process

What is projection? First lets look at the definition of projection, it is the unconscious transfer of one’s own desires or emotions to another person, and it can be commonly found in narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder. This is the exact behavior (and a perfect example) of Donald Trump. You can pretty much bank on any accusation that Donald Trump makes towards a person is something he is indeed guilty of himself. The thing is if you believe what they are telling you, but not validating their claims you are ignorant and can educate yourself, or you can be stupid. YOU are in control of how use the information and common sense that most of us have. This little blog post is not exclusively about Donald Trump, although he could be considered the “king of projection”. So if you can’t read any further…just remember that this election is about our free elections and democracy, and not about abortions, crime, or the economy.

The most important thing in this election is our democracy.

So now that we know the definition of projection, it really ascribes itself to just one person, but I think projection can be attributed to large groups. In reality, much of the Republican party is knowingly (and maybe some unknowingly) participating in projection of the American people. Here’s how. They accuse the Democrats of “stealing the election”, which we know is not true. Not only is not true in the eyes of MOST sane Americans, 61 separate court cases brought by the Trump administration also stated that election was NOT stolen. The Trump administration lost ALL 61 cases, and in some cases the Trump administration lawyers were castigated for wasting the courts time…in fact, some were actually sanctioned, reported to the BAR and lost their license to practice. Some are even under criminal investigation and expected to be indicted.

So basically, the ultra-right conservative Republicans are using the playbook from Trump’s projection scheme have no problem using deceit, lies, intimidation, disinformation and in some cases violence to perpetuate their non-democratic agenda. Yes, everything they are doing goes against everything our constitution stands for…they are anti-democratic. So basically, the ultra-right conservative Republicans have no problem using deceit, lies, intimidation, disinformation and in some cases violence to perpetuate their non-democratic agenda. Yes, everything they are doing goes against much of what our constitution stands for…they are anti-democratic. Even our Supreme Court is rife with right wing bias and conflicts of interest. The worst thing we can do is vote every election based on our biases of issues instead of the overall consideration of our democracy.


Lets talk about CRIME and INFLATION. Actually, lets talk about the “Biden Inflation”. Really? There is no such thing. Blaming Biden for inflation demonstrates either your ignorance of facts, OR your stupidity to believe what your party “leaders” are telling you. There is no “Biden Inflation”. There is GLOBAL INFLATION mostly due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, and a little bit about the war in Ukraine, but it is effecting EVERY COUNTRY. The United States has the best and strongest economy in the world. Is our inflation bad here? Well, it ain’t good, but it’s better than any other country or government in the world. REMEMBER THAT. So the next time you hear Sarah Sanders or French Hill tell you about the Biden economy…remember that ours is the best in the world, and also remember that had our government handled and properly addressed the pandemic in the beginning our economy would probably be so much better (not to mention maybe 200,000 deaths that could have been avoided). But instead, the pandemic was poorly handled with lies, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Much of the increases of crime can probably be attributed to inflation. Some of data shows decreases and some of the data shows increases. If you look at historical data…you’ll see the same thing.

Again, the most important thing in this election is our democracy…it is at the teetering point. Think about it this way, the issues you worry about so much will NOT MATTER if our democracy is destroyed. Abortion and guns do NOT matter in this election. The economy won’t change because of this election. The crime rate will NOT change because of this election. The one thing that could change is your ability to have your voice heard by casting a safe and valid VOTE for the candidate of your choice. This “RIGHT” to vote was never in question in regards to “wide election fraud” until 2017 when Trump told everyone ahead of time that he claimed the “election was rigged” if he lost, but OK if he won. And now we have armed “vigilantes” guarding drop boxes as a way to intimidate voters. I can assure you that the founding father’s never envisioned this kind of practice. Ever since the 2017 election it has gotten worse. I mean we had a “President” that did not agree to a safe transition of power after losing by 7 million votes, but instead he instigated an insurrection that resulted in the loss of life.

If you vote early or on November 8th remember this… IT IS NOT ABOUT ABORTION, GUNS, CRIME or the ECONOMY. Those things will NOT matter if the people you elect are willing to lie, cheat and steal, and how embarrassing it would be to vote for a politician that supports a person like Trump, or any of his enablers or the other criminals in his enterprise.

NOTE: I realize that some of you may or may not agree with me and that’s OK. This was my opinion and luckily I still have the freedom to express it. And many times I have been wrong about some things, but I always try and do research before I make a claim. I will tell you this though…In 2015 was my first post here about Trump, and after that I wrote dozens more blog posts about the evils and criminality of Donald Trump, and you know… I WAS RIGHT. Actually I underestimated his vileness, terrible character and criminality…he’s so much worse.

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