Helping Ukraine Win

I have bought a new iPhone every year since 2008 (I think I did skip one year)…but for the most part I have purchased 11-12 iPhones since the iPhone 3GS. Even with my first iPhone I bought a case, and every iPhone since that time gets a screen protector and goes into a protective case IMMEDIATELY upon delivery. So what does this have to do with Ukraine? Well, it turns out…a lot.

For the last 5-7 years when a new iPhone is released, the dimensions of the new iPhone is such that a new case is almost always required. I always purchase a case that has a wood back, but with rubber bumpers. The wood used on these cases is very thin and can be made out of various kinds of wood. When I order them, I get them without any engraving and then I take them to my local trophy shop along with the graphic I want to have engraved and they can do the job in just a few days. I love the customized case and feel it not only gives my iPhone a protective cover, but the graphic is very dear to me. I designed a U.S. Navy logo with an anchor, my rank, and my years of service (see photo). This is just a “mini-review” for now, I will do a more detailed review in the coming weeks.

Now I’m to the part about Ukraine… the last few years I have ordered a blank wood iPhone case from the same company, WOODGRAW. They were always quickly responsive to my questions and the quality of their product is exceptional. So today, Apple announced the yearly KEYNOTE EVENT in which they announce the release of the new iPhone (iPhone 14 this year)… and this meant it was time to start looking at getting my new case. I went to the WOODGRAW website and browsed around, looked at the products again and was deciding on which kind of wood grain I wanted to use this year.

Then something caught my eye as I was browsing. In the contact area, I saw Russian text on the page. I have this THING about Russia. I WILL NOT use Russia products (I have deleted any Russian apps I had several years ago), and I will in no way do any kind of business with any Russian or Russian affiliated entity. So I emailed the company and asked the generic question about the Russian text, inquiring as to whether it was a Russian company. I received the response within an hour or two. And here’s what I found out about the WOODGRAW company.

They are a small Ukrainian company, and unfortunately they were/are caught up in the war with the Russians. I want to share the back and forth correspondence with WOODGRAW, I did not ask them if I could share the emails, but I think you’ll see the “heart of the Ukrainians” in their responses.

Wally Jarratt – We have corresponded a few times before. I will be ordering the iPhone 14 Pro MAX case when available (if not sooner). You mention the ability to custom engrave the case. A local company has been doing this for me for the last few years, and I hate to change. HOWEVER, I do have a question for you…Where are you located? Are you based out of Russia or Ukraine, because I noticed the Russian text. Do you support the war effort for either side?
Hello Wally Jarratt,

  1. As soon as cases for iPhone 14 series become available, we will inform you immediately.
  2. We can engrave your design or you can do it yourself. It’s up to you.
  3. We are Ukrainians, we are in Ukraine, Kyiv region, town Boyarka. Our native city is located next to the city of Irpin and Bucha, which is now completely destroyed, the first week we were at home and these are the most terrible days of our lives. My wife and daughter went to Poland so as not to live in the basement, because rockets fly to schools and maternity hospitals and residential buildings.
    I stayed in production to work to feed my family and help our army. These are terrible events in Ukraine for every resident.
    😭💔 We fight for our freedom and support our country and our military with all our strength and means. We send 50% of our income to the account of our army.

We are a strong nation, we will definitely beat and expel the Russian occupier from our land.
Pray for our people, because the truth is on our side! If you are interested in the situation about the war from the inside through the eyes of a Ukrainian, ask, we will answer all your questions. If you have more questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Best regards, the team
Wally Jarratt –I won’t take up any more of your time after this email until I hear from you, but I do want to make one more comment.

My heart goes out to you, your family and your Country. I’m a United States Navy Veteran (Vietnam ERA veteran – never saw action), but I do understand the loyalty and desire to defend your Country. I am a Putin hater, I think he’s a menace to the world. I am very proud to see the patriotism and engagement by all Ukrainians in an effort to defend your country.

I know the cases sell for $39.95, but I would like to pay MORE for my case to help you and with the war effort if it can be applied that way. In fact, I will double the amount I pay for the case. I will also leave
a review after I get it on both my personal Facebook page and YOUR FACEBOOK page.

Again…keep the faith. I think Ukraine will triumph.
Thank you for your support, we are very grateful and appreciate any of your help.
Also very big thanks to your country and your government for the military and economic assistance rendered to our people. Without the help of the whole world, we would not have survived this war.

I am absolutely sure that with the help of the entire civilized world we will destroy this EVIL – Putin and all the Russian government supporting him. And peace will come all over the world!

Thank you very much!

As you can see…I was very moved by their unsolicited response. I get it. I see a country defending it’s sovereignty with so much patriotism and bravery.

So, if you were wondering how to help the Ukrainians in a way besides just putting something on your Facebook page (that’s good too), then consider buying your next smartphone case from WOODGRAW. They have all of the major producers of cellphones, iPhone, Samsung, and Google. Their product is top quality and well worth the cost of the case. I will be buying from them (obviously) and will add a little more as a donation knowing that 50% of their sales goes to the Ukrainian Army. Russia is THE MOST dangerous and terroristic (and murderous) Country in our world right now…and they have their nasty claws into many in Congress and the NRA.

Thanks for reading (if you got this far)… I know the people of Ukraine will appreciate any help we can give them…


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  1. And for anyone seriously interested…. I have a friend who now lives near Taos who is from Ukraine. She connected me with a location that is receiving needed supplies to ship over to Ukraine fighters. My ex and I have sent a package to the U.S. center with medical supplies. If you are interested the address is: Ukraine Humanitarian Aid, Nova Poshta, 27 Merry Lane NP100007070, New Jersey (NJ) East Hanover 07936. Their website is She has researched and says the best shipping is via The Taos group on FB that my friend belongs to is Taos4Ukraine. I am not sure what they need at this time.

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