To my friends and family…present and past on Facebook. I have received much support whenever I make a post about Trump, our government and especially our DEMOCRACY…because all of those things are in danger, a lot of danger. I have received just a couple of private messages asking me to stop “beating a dead horse”. And since 2016, I know that some have unfriended me, some have unfollowed me, and some have even blocked me. I’m fine with that and can still be civil to those people…I believe in civility. In fact, I have unfriended only a few people, unfollowed a number of people and blocked some of the more verbal or disrespectful people. Again, that doesn’t mean I can’t be civil towards them…I just no longer want to be around them because I know their views now…not politics, but their views on people, humanity and patriotism.

I’m very worried about the next few years. I’m worried about the direction of our country, the racial divides, the bigotry, the growing socioeconomic disparity, and very worried about the possibility of either civil war among extreme factions in our Country and the path leading to authoritarianism. I promise you IT IS REAL. The amount of cult type behaviors, gullibility, and adoption of conspiracy theories among those persons so weak minded that they can be driven to violence and threats is horrifying.

Right now, there are 3 MAJOR trials happening…all involve racism to a degree. And all involved murder to a degree. And all are in jeopardy of the defendants walking. Some are even regarded as heroes by the GOP far right. We have members of Congress defying rules, breaking laws, threatening other members, and even ignoring subpoenas. WHAT THE HELL. (UPDATE: Rittenhouse the murderer was acquitted on all 5 counts).

You have GOP Republicans. almost unanimously not voting for an infrastructure bill that Trump could never pass during his entire Presidency. You have a voting rights bill (a EFFING VOTING RIGHTS BILL) which is the basis of a democracy not supported, and not even debated by the GOP. We have governors of states fighting against the COVID vaccine and undermining the confidence of it’s ability to SAVE LIVES.
The United States, MY UNITED STATES is in a massive downward spiral, and frankly at this point I wonder about my family’s future generations.

So, if you’re one of the group that unfollowed me, unfriended me, or blocked me on Facebook….
I GET IT. I DO. I REALLY GET ITI just wished you did!

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