Important Smartphone Information

This is just a quick PSA (public service announcement)…or suggestion. Actually it’s MORE than a suggestion about your smartphone, it’s something you REALLY SHOULD DO.

When you buy a smartphone, whether it be an iPhone or an Android phone there will be several ways to procure the phone. The first way that many people used to buy their phone was through financing it through the carrier which increased your services bill by adding the finance charges to the monthly bill. If you are one of these people…YOU CANNOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE until the smartphone is completely paid off…and this article is NOT for you.

HOWEVER…if you paid for your smartphone outright from a carrier (i.e. ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and some others too), then your phone will be LOCKED to that carrier automatically UNLESS you request that it be unlocked. A phone that is locked to a carrier (or married to a carrier) is just that…it cannot use any other service until it is unlocked. A locked phone really limits your options when it comes to finding the best deal for your phone service and gives you many more choices. But lets say that you bought your phone from ATT and paid for it in full and are happy with their phone service…you STILL NEED TO UNLOCK your phone. Here’s why you still want to unlock the phone…if and when you decide to sell the phone, give it as hand-me down or sell it…it will be MUCH easier (both to you and dealing with the carrier) to UNLOCK it as soon as you buy it. An unlocked phone can be sold to anyone that needs a smartphone with any carrier. If you don’t unlock the phone you are limited to selling it to ONLY those people that use that carrier.

I know some of this sounds confusing, so take my word for it…you want to UNLOCK your phone if you own it outright! Unlocking your phone will in NO WAY effect who you use for a carrier…whereas a LOCKED phone is specific to just ONE CARRIER.

IF YOUR PHONE IS PAID FOR, no matter when you bought or if you just bought it…UNLOCK IT NOW.

(Note: For ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile carriers…unlocking as soon as you can is important even if you want to continue to use their service. Once you have been with a carrier for an extended period of time and ask for your phone to be unlocked…they try to “retain” you and ask lots of questions to try and keep you as a customer). UNLOCK asap and they’re more apt to leave you alone. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL or AGAINST THEIR POLICIES to unlock a phone. They cannot refuse to unlock a PAID FOR phone.

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