My Work Is Complete – Kinda

When I speak of “my work being complete”, I’m referring to basically playing the part of the little boy he cried the sky is falling, the sky is falling when referring to Trump. And I’m NOT alone. There were MANY of you that screamed along with me. It took ALL of us, GOOD conquered evil. Patriotism stifled fascism. And TRUTH overcame lies and falsehoods. We sought the truth, we researched the falsehoods and proved them wrong, and we called out fascism and evil.

It wasn’t just me, we ALL did it and we ALL should be proud of this moment! I know America thanks us all for not giving up, for not throwing in the towel and for standing up for what is right. Hopefully, this nightmare will never happen again, but I’m confident that should it reappear, those that saw what WE DID will take the bull by the horns and protect our democracy.

And now the “kinda” part. We cannot make changes and we cannot heal until we hold those attacking our democracy accountable. This means not only those that attacked our Nation’s Capitol, but also those that were complicit in ALL the falsehoods, crimes and corruptions over the past years.

The struggle to maintain our democracy will never end.

2 thoughts on “My Work Is Complete – Kinda

  1. So honestly, we must simply change the work that we do. We must switch from a mode of resistance to a mode of rebuilding. That includes rebuilding things that have been broken over the last 4 years, and “rebuilding better” so these things cannot happen again. The people of many states, including both of ours, must learn from what Stacy Abrams was able to do in Georgia…. we must build back better our democratic parties from the ground up. And we need to start today.


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