The Two Party System


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I believe in the two party system. REALLY I do. I liked the idea of checks and balances of the Republicans and the Democrats…actually, I believe the idea of checks and balances all throughout government are crucial to the continued success of our Nation.

Let me start from the beginning. Prior to 2015 I was not what you called a politically active person, in fact I have voted for both Republican and Democratic presidents, and considered myself as a far left Republican and a far right Democrat…in other words, I was a centrist (I still am). And even in 2015 when Trump announced his candidacy I still felt both parties had viable views and policies, and so I was encouraged to see people like Mitt Romney called Trump out for what he was, as did Cruz, McCain, and many other Republicans of the time. They knew that Trump would be a disaster for our Country and the world.

Fast forward to now (or at least the last 3 years) and the two party system does not seem to exist anymore. Now we have the Democrats and the party of Trump…a party that stands for bigotry, racism, socioeconomic elitism and especially CORRUPTION. The Republican party is now infested with rampant corruption beginning at the top and trickling down the sycophants of Trump.

The more I researched the Republican party, the more I realized that it has been no stranger to corruption and less than honorable politicians. Don’t get me wrong, both parties have had corruption in their ranks, but the overwhelming majority of corruption (as supported by FACTS and the graphic at right) is in the Republican party. Luckily prior to Trump it was the “normal” types of corruption like money laundering, tax evasion, mail fraud and maybe some coverup stuff, but little involvement with the compromising of national security or colluding with our adversaries (a treasonous behavior) such as we are seeing in this administration.

So lets just look at it for a second… these are/were people in or close to Trump during his campaign or in his administration:

** Chris Collins/Duncan Hunter — First to support Trump. Guilty awaiting sentencing.
** Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort — Found Guilty and in prison
** Deputy Campaign Chairman Rick Gates — Plead Guilty awaiting sentencing
** National Security Advisor Mike Flynn — Plead Guilty awaiting sentencing
** Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen — Plead Guilty and in prison (Trump co-conspirator)
** Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani — Under investigation
** Long time Personal advisor  Roger Stone — Found Guilty awaiting sentencing
** Foreign Policy Advisor George Papadopoulos — Plead Guilty served time in prison
** Trump THUGS Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman — Indicted with more charges pending

So you get the point…every where you turn there is corruption in the Trump administration. EVERYWHERE…Wilbur Ross, Tom Price, Jeff Sessions, Andrew Acosta, Scott Pruitt, and many more…all of these people have been accused of ethical or criminal violations.

And now, (at best) many in the Republican Congress are running interference and a disinformation/propaganda campaign on behalf of Trump (and using actual talking points from the Russians), and (at worse) obstructing justice through their complicity with Trump.

It’s amazing to me that our intelligence agencies (ALL 17 OF THEM), former CIA professionals and even our retired Generals and Admirals agree that it was RUSSIA that interfered in our elections. There is NO EVIDENCE of interference from Ukraine…the Republicans are actually perpetuating the Russian narrative…basically they are being duped into Trumps embracing of Russia. The GOP is either STUPID as hell, or they are willingly subverting and betraying our nation. It also boggles the mind that every Presidential Historian in our country says that Trump is the most corrupt and worst President our Nation has ever seen.

My reason for this post was because there is no longer a two party system in our government as shown by the bad behavior of the GOP. Our government representatives are no longer doing what is in the best interest of our country…they are loyal to an unfit and compromised corrupt President. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as we used to know IS DEAD! It’s now the REPUGNANT Party that manifests “cult like” characteristics where their “chosen one” can do absolutely no wrong. Maybe the “R” designation next to a candidates name should represent the true mean of the “party of Trump” by referring to the “R” as Russian.

Regardless of why or how, the GOP is now corrupt and loyal to a man, not the constitution. I think most of us have ignored the facts that were in front of us the entire time (again see the chart in the above right). The chart is factual, if you can refute the facts…do so, but I don’t expect anyone to provide anything any different.

I hope common sensed people. People with good judgement. People with some semblance of character can look at what’s happening under Trump and the current GOP administration to see how we have been betrayed. My HOPE is that those smart and responsible Republican eyes will be opened and make the right choice in November 2020. Please don’t be the kind of typical Trump supporter that would allow him “shoot somebody on 5th Avenue” and still support him. REALLY?


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