Navy Photography

I’ve shot images of almost any subject you can think of…and I do mean literally any subject. I’ve shot wildlife, portraits, bugs, people, candids, horses, Native Americans, Civil War reenactments, bees, beekeepers, buildings, dog doodoo and an amputated foot. OK, well maybe I haven’t shot EVERYTHING, but the one thing I don’t have any pictures are of anything of the Navy.

When I was in the Navy…cameras were both a luxury and good ones were expensive, as well as difficult to shoot. So I rarely took pictures (myself)…although I do have a few that were taken of me. Oh what I would have been able to capture had I owned an iPhone in June of 1973 up to September of 1977. I can remember so many opportunities to take some memorable photos, but I had no camera.

Sometime in September I’ll be traveling to the National Museum of the American Sailor…just outside the very gates of the Boot Camp I attended in 1973. We’ll be there for the day, and I am excited to attend the museum and to take some pictures of uniforms past, relics of old and documents that reminded me of my time in the Navy. I also hope to see some Navy personnel in the old style uniforms (I hate the new digital camo stuff).

Anyway…it should be both a fun trip and an informative one too.

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