Mueller Hearings AFTERMATH

This will be short and sweet.

What did American’s get from the hearings today. Not much. We now know from someone that did the investigation that TRUMP was less than truthful in his answers. We know that but the OLC memo, Trump would have been indicted. We learned that the Trump campaign AND administration was cooperating (regardless of whether conspiracy did or did not occur) with the Russian’s to help Trump get elected and to hurt the Clinton campaign.

Bottom line, we found out that in actuality we only have a partial report. YES, we have a partial report. I contend that absolutely NO CONCLUSIONS can be made because of two issues that resulted in this incomplete report.

  • The Trump campaign and advisors are steeped in a culture of lying and deceit along with the promise of Trump to invoke executive privilege or a pardon. In other words, they could lie with impunity.
  • Secondly, staff that have since left the administration, or not covered by executive privilege have also refused to testify for either fear of retaliation from Trump or because of their loyalty to him. Especially Don McGhan, he could be the “John Dean” of this fiasco because he is a private citizen and no longer under executive privilege. McGhan COULD testify to the TRUTH of obstruction if he would just testify. But as it is, Don McGhan is almost as much a traitor as Donald Trump in regards to the Obstruction of Justice charge.

Finally, my hope is that the House will now at the very least OPEN the impeachment inquiry to try and get the answers from those that lied or avoided their interviews with the special counsel.


And yes, Mueller stated the President COULD BE PROSECUTED once he leaves office (provided he does not get elected to a second term, ie. statute of limitation expiration.

2 thoughts on “Mueller Hearings AFTERMATH

  1. Thus you should read the entire report, do some investigating yourself, come to your own conclusions. Most people won’t, as they won’t bother to take the time.


    • True…I have read parts, search other areas of the report and verified claims, but even someone like me who truly LOVES MY COUNTRY has hard time reading the report. But your point is WELL TAKEN. Maybe the entire story will come out someday (and I’m sure it will).


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