Razorback Coaching and Fans

I’m just wondering who’s gonna be the next coaching reputation to taint when we replace Mike Anderson. I’m not saying he was the best coach (far from it), but Arkansas FANS have their own way of “ruining” coaches in our feverish and continuing quest for a national championship (again). I’m sure every state thinks they have the most “fickle” fans, and we have to be WAY UP THERE. But I believe the problem with Arkansas Coaching starts at the TOP (AD, the power of the boosters and of course the University itself), and trickles down to the coaches. Arkansas coaches ALWAYS start off with a deficit of staff, players and recruiting. Of the main athletic departments, we are not a player in the college ranks accept in Baseball and Track (at the moment).

It’s another sad blemish on a coach leaving Arkansas. So here’s the rub, either Arkansas ALWAYS hires bad coaches, or WE, the fans and administration make them bad. It’s one way or the other!

There’s 351 division 1 basketball teams in the NCAA… to expect a National championship just because you hire a new coach is expecting too much. The fans are not realistic… we are near the bottom in most categories that are measured in restarts to economy, education, healthcare and intelligence… perhaps it’s time to think more realistic.

You can’t ignore that we had coaches in football like Lou Holts, Ken Hatfield, Bobby Petrino and Houston Nutt… and yet they all left or were fired for one reason or another. When you hire a bargain basement coach… you only have LUCK to rely on for a winning season.

There are 131 division 1 football teams in the (NCAA) FBS. And as long as Arkansas is in the SEC West, we will NOT have a chance at a Championship, at least not in our lifetime.

In other words, YES we want a Championship from our Razorbacks, but unless the money is spent, the recruiting improved and a realistic expectation is adopted… we will always finish in the bottom half of the SEC.

(A disclaimer: I love my Razorbacks. I would be lying if I said I was an expert on the teams, coaches or anything to do with the Arkansas Razorbacks … OTHER than a layman and armchair supporter).

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