It’s All About The Bun

OK, maybe not ALL about the bun, but it’s important. This is my BURGER RANT

I love burgers. Not gourmet burgers, not, specialty burgers…just good ole fashioned, all American hamburgers.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why a restaurant would cook a good burger just right…with a little char and crust, and then ruin it by slapping it between a couple of pieces of bun called brioche, potato, kaiser, ciabatta, pretzel or even a sesame seed bun. WHY? Just do it right and use a PLAIN ole toasted bun and be done with it.

And while I’m on the rant…if you don’t build that burger in the kitchen, and bring it out to me on a plate with the bun top off the burger, and the pickles, onions, etc in a pile off to the side,,,then you WILL NOT see me order another burger in that place.

Just do it right.

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