REVIEW: Mission BBQ Chesapeake, VA

I originally “reviewed” this BBQ Restaurant back in November 2017 on Tripadvisor. I made a return trip recently (June 2018) and wanted to do a quick followup from my first visit.

I was really never keen on reviewing BBQ chain restaurant…Maybe it’s me, but I just never thought they could compete with the Mom and Pop BBQ joints and stands. But I decided to make an exception here since this was actually pretty good.

This particular visit I was with my Daughter, Granddaughter, Brother and Wife. Everyone got something different, although I only sampled two other plates. My Brother got the brisket…which I never order, but it was like BUTTAH…it was also very good. My wife got a ribs kid plate (basically 2-3 ribs). The ribs were tender and tasty. I got the sandwich (as usual) with baked beans and Mac & Cheese. The amount of BBQ pulled pork on the sandwich is MORE than generous…most meat I’ve seen on a sandwich…and very good too. Their sauces are at each table in squeeze bottles and admittedly I have only tried one of the sauces, the Honey Wheat Sauce. Spicy on the back end and wonderful sweet taste, it was some of the best BBQ sauce I have ever tasted. The baked beans had brisket in them…again excellent. The Mac & Cheese was good, but not the bomb I was hoping. Overall, this is the first CHAIN BBQ restaurant that I have ever recommended…they are good. They are a chain and have chain qualities, but the food is very good and it’s a good value for the price.
So, with that said…here’s the Tripadvisor review below I did back in November 2017.
I was visiting with my daughter in Chesapeake, VA and she knows how much I love BBQ…but mostly OLD SKOOL BBQ from BBQ stands and joints, not chains. But I agreed to go ahead and try them out. I’m so glad I did.

The building has lots of “service” related memorabilia from the military, fire/police and ambulance services for ambiance. We were there for lunch and it was fairly busy.

I always like to try more than one meat product, so I ordered the ribs and the BBQ pork sandwich along with baked beans and “cheesy” potatoes as my sides. I love pull pork sandwiches and rarely have I had a REALLY GOOD pulled pork sandwich from a chain restaurant. After we placed our order, we got our drinks and sat down and within a very short period of time, our food arrived hot.

The sandwich was on a big bun…meat piled about 3 inches high and another 2 inches of coleslaw which made for a pretty big sandwich. They had 6 different kinds of BBQ sauce at the table and I chose the Wheat Sweet BBQ Sauce. I took a bite and was very pleasantly surprised. Absolutely one of the best “chain” BBQ sandwiches I ever ate and even rivaled some of the BBQ stands/joints that I have eaten at…very good. I recommend the BBQ pulled pork sandwich with no reservations whatsoever.

The ribs were good, meaty and about average for ribs at places. They tasteful, but nothing that really made them stand out. The pulled pork BBQ sandwich was definitely the STAR of the show.

Sides were also pretty good, the baked beans were nothing special…again good, but just not unique in any way. However the cheesy potatoes were excellent. I could have eaten a POUND of that dish…very good.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a good BBQ place that is also a chain (I think mostly in the east).

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