President Morally Unfit

Tonight the interview with James Comey was on television. And while I didn’t agree with the way Comey handled the Clinton email fiasco 11 days before the election (all the while keeping quiet about the TRUMP INVESTIGATION going on at the same time), I still believed he was, and IS a credible person. He may have made  judgement errors about the Clinton emails, and this can be argued by both sides of the political spectrum, however that decision was not one that impugned his credibility. I think what he did with the Clinton email investigation did indeed cost her the election…HOWEVER, can you imagine for one moment if she had won and he had not divulged that information…as a Democratic President…her life (and all Democrats) would be HELL. And something to remember…she would probably be impeached by now with the congress like it is even if she were really guilty of any crime…she would BE GONE, and the GOP would have finally gotten their conviction after 30 years of trying.  No, I don’t agree with his decision at that time…but it’s a disagreement, and not necessarily an egregious mistake.

The interview was pretty much what I expected, but hearing makes it more real to me. The only thing I disagreed with was that “he” hoped that American’s would vote their values in the next election. I disagree waiting that long, I feel the legal system should proceed in the manner that it would for anyone NOT ABOVE the law.To wait until the next election with someone this dangerous puts our Country is damning peril that America does not deserve..

Yes, I am biased against Donald Trump. If you read my blog, you’ll see that my disgust for this “person” started many years ago because of the way he tried to humiliate Merv Griffin in the 1980’s over a casino deal. He thought he had made the deal of the century against Merv, but Merv got the last laugh and just like all the other casino’s that Trump owned…it went bankrupt. And the steak business went bankrupt, as did Trump University, as did Trump Airlines, Trump Wines, and Trump Vodka. In other words, his failing presidency is nothing new for him. The one thing he’s really good at…is failing. And he’s failing now to tell the truth.

So tonight after listening to George Stephanopoulos interview James Comey, I saw and heard nothing to change my mind about his truthfulness. You may ask how I can just say that so easily? Well, first off…one would have to believe that Comey (at the time) could foresee into the future that he would be fired, then be accused of lying and finally recruit numerous other accomplices to help him “frame” this president. If you believe that, then yep…you voted for Trump. After 30 years as a civil servant that was/is well respected by his peers at the FBI, his credibility and his truthfulness sits fine with me.

I still think he’s CREDIBLE. I still think his remarks are HONEST. This is NOT the time to attack Comey. The time is to ATTACK the President to remove him from office.

On the other hand, we have to gauge his truthfulness against that of Donald Trump. Basically it’s a “HE SAID, HE SAID” argument to settle. So when you talk about Donald Trump and the documented lies (2500+ lies) he’s told since JUST January of 2017, then you have to wonder about his ability to both tell the truth and his belief of his own lies. All his pettiness, lies, narcissism and psychological projections are the symptoms of a very defective person.

The best proof of Donald Trumps lies can be found very easily just by reading his tweets, even though most of his lies have been debunked by actual facts, he will maintain and continue to double down until most people give up arguing except his most avid supporters, which become even more emboldened to defend his lies. But the best indication of his lies, faults and illegalities is when he “psychologically projects” them on those he dislikes or his opponents…and he does this frequently.

So when Trump says Comey is a liar. He’s projecting. He’s the one guilty of lying. When Trump says the Clinton foundation was guilty of accepting illegal donations, in reality he’s talking about the Trump Foundation (which has since been stopped).  When he called those 17 women he assaulted liars, he was the liar. I think Michael Cohen will be able to bear out those details soon enough.

There’s really no doubt that Comey is the more credible witness here. When this all plays out…history will not be kind to Trump. He will be credited with being more divisive than any other President in history. He will be credited with being the most corrupt President in history. And finally, he will be credited with subverting our government into chaos at a level for which we have never seen.

At this point we can retire the phrase, “anyone can grow up to be President”. Donald Trump has been blown that ideal out of the water.

The one great assessment of this presidency is that for all past and future Presidents of our nation in comparison to Trump we’ll be able to say, “Well, at least he’s not as bad as Trump”.

I for one, will be glad when this long National nightmare will be over.

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