A Memorial and a Celebration

Today is bittersweet.





It was 30 years ago today that my Nephew Zack was born into this world in Blytheville, AR. So today, we celebrate his birthday. Ironically, his birth date just happened to be the same date as the day our Mom passed 5 years ago. It has always been a balance between celebrating his birthday on the same day as the anniversary of Mom’s death. This balance was much easier knowing that Mom lived a long fairly happy life, and I believe she really enjoyed her final years on this earth…even while struggling with COPD from many years of smoking. My point being that the loss of our Mom was balanced out with the celebration every year of Zack’s birthday.

Unfortunately this year will be different. Zack passed away at the age of 29 years on Christmas Day of 2017, only 4 months ago. He is buried next to my Mom in the family plot here in Searcy.  So yes it’s bittersweet in that we had 84 years of wonderful life with Mom, but only 29 years with Zack. Unfortunately, he was not able to experience all of what his future held for him…and that brings us to today.

My Mom had the opportunity to have written a letter to her “Boys” before she passed. In this letter, one of the passages that has stuck with me was this one:

“My dear boys, I’ll always be with you, always in your heart. Just talk to me, I’ll always hear you”. – Mom

So today we will be gathering to remember them both with a sad smile on our faces. We’ll be telling stories, eating some good food, sharing some laughter, love and hugs, and shedding a few tears, but we’ll mostly be honoring their love and the time we had with them…and we’ll know they are with us.

2 thoughts on “A Memorial and a Celebration

  1. This post really touched my heart. I can only imagine how the joy and heartbreak combined could make you feel. I always enjoy your pictures and great stories about your travels, foods and family. I know that we probably never met , but you feel like family as a fellow Blythevillian. You know my baby brother Mike Pate, so there is a small connection besides the geographical one.


    • Yes I do know Mike. In fact, me and Greg Best were usher’s in his wedding out at the Gosnell church back in 71 or 72. Plus, he and I also worked together at the Food Giant at the Big D parking lot….Yeah…I feel like family too. Thanks for the kind comments.


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