REVIEW: Micro-Start XP-3 Jump Start Kit

Anti-gravity Batteries XP-3 Micro-Start Jump Start Power Supply

OK…first and foremost – THIS IS THE BOMB!!

microstartA few years back my wife bought me huge cinder block like battery jump starter that had a compressor, light and battery jump starter as part of the features it had. I think it weighed about 15 lbs and eventually I started using it…it worked well, very well indeed! But it was big and would only hold a charge less than a month. Still, it served a pretty good purpose as I had used it to start my car when I had a dead battery, and I used it weekly to start my lawnmower (I was too lazy to go and buy a new lawnmower battery).

I also have an aging motorcycle (OK, it’s not THAT old), but the battery is coming to the point it might be time to think about replacing it, but I wanted a “backup” that wasn’t so big or that took up a lot of space if I took it with me, so with those issues to resolve, I purchased the Anti-gravity Batteries XP-3 Micro-Start Jump Start Kit Personal Power Supply.

Here are the features of this small (about the size of a smartphone, only slightly thicker) little device:

  • Jump-Start engines up to 5L V8. 300A Peak. Great capacity for backup power: 7500mAh
  • Charge & Power any USB 5V device: Tablets, Smartphones, Cameras and More!
  • Charges from any USB Output. Has LED Flashlight
  • Extremely Compact: fits in pocket! 9.75 oz, 5″ x 2.8″ x 0.875″
  • Super sleek Design and build-quality with Smart Clamps.

So, you might ask… Does this device work as advertised. A RESOUNDING YES!! Yes, it does work exactly as advertised. I’m so lucky I have had this little device. I bought a new car a few months back and like most new cars, I had some bugs to be worked out. One of the problems I had with my new car was that the NEW battery kept running down (phantom battery drain) and several times (until I got the issue fixed) this little battery started my car and I was on my way in literally 2 minutes. It was simple to use, the battery once charged can hold the charge more than 6 months (some say up to a year), and it can also power and charge almost any USB device. I highly (very highly) recommend this device for any of your travels and/or daily use.

One last little feature of this particular battery is that for my motorcycle, you can order (separately) an adapter and harness that fits my bike so that I can hook the harness to the battery which makes makes an outlet for the Micro-Jump Start to be connected for easy jump starts on my bike and the adapter allows me to even use my trickle charger (part of winterizing my bike) on the motorcycle without having to change out the harness. Plus traveling with an extra battery means I am taking a battery the size of an iPhone as security against a battery failure on the bike. GREAT PEACE OF MIND.

YES, this would make a great Christmas present for a loved one. I have seen the price of this particular model (they have several models of varying strengths, but this one will work for almost any situation), and pricing. I am linking the Amazon link here which shows the battery at about $89, but I have seen it for as little as $68 IF you order it from Walmart for delivery.


Anti-gravity Batteries XP-3 Micro-Start Jump Start Kit Personal Power Supply


Anti-gravity Batteries XP-3 Micro-Start Jump Start Kit Personal Power Supply

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