My Blog Is Public Now

wally_profileWell, after more than 2 years I have finally decided to share the fact that I write a blog (basically an online journal). One thing you’ll figure out pretty quickly is that if you visit my blog, you’ll find that I am NOT a writer. I don’t have the vocabulary or the grammatical expertise to call myself a writer. So some of what you’ll read will be pretty raw, it might be out of order and some of you English majors out there will probably just shake your head (like my Daughter does sometimes).

Anyway, I cordially invite you to visit my blog. Once there you’ll find over a 100+ stories about my life, my youth, my Navy days, and growing up. You’ll also find some food reviews, and other types of reviews too. And lastly, there are few stories about current events (at least they were current when I wrote them) and a few of MY OPINIONS. Many of these things are subjects that I have not shared on Facebook.

The blog is open and public and does not require you to “join” or “register”. Although if you do decide to register it will send you an email letting you know that I have added a story or a post. THAT WILL BE THE ONLY EMAILS you would receive from this blog. Please feel free this blog with family and friends that are on Facebook or that are NOT on Facebook. You don’t have to be a Facebook user to read this blog…anyone can read it.

You can also leave comments after most of the stories there if you so desire.

OK…so there you go. I really do think you’ll find a story or two to interest you…be sure and make use of the “word cloud” on the right hand side to jump to various stories through keywords.

Thanks and enjoy.

Wally Jarratt

12 thoughts on “My Blog Is Public Now

  1. Can’t wait to start reading. Even though I am unable to enjoy riding anymore I appreciate this way of beating able to know you better.


  2. Hi Wally, This is not a reply. Hope its OK. Info on Vets.
    Veterans Outreach Ministries
    Published by Paul Bunn · 1 hr ·
    So so so sad. That we have to turn veterans away.
    I wish I had the funding to take care of all the Veterans that ask for my help. I hate turning them away. They are upset that we can’t help. They don’t understand we are not the VA, we’re a nonprofit and can’t help if we don’t have the money to hire employees.
    We have over 30,000 Veterans within 30 miles of white county.
    The only way we could ever handle it would be 3000 people giving $20 a month.
    Thank God for the 113 that have given this year, they are true patriots and really care about the veterans. It’s only because of them we have been able to help those that we have.
    God bless you (Thank you, Bill Morton)


  3. You knew my dad D.J. and my mom Bonnie knows you through running with Ed and Margie Rhodes son. They were all big buds and also had side by side trailers over at Reelfoot before Dad died. All big at the Legion. All knew Jewel


  4. Yahoo! So glad you are sharing with a wider audience, Wally. You ARE a writer. Let an editor smooth out any rough edges when you publish your book!


  5. I enjoy your posts on Facebook. Am sure I will enjoy this (unless it’s mostly about biking)! All I have to do is figure how to get to it! 😦


  6. Good for you Wally. I’ve always enjoyed you stories and pictures. May you be Blessed as you continue your journey. I know we all will be.


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