REVIEW: Can Insulators and Koozies

Can Coolers, Insulators and Koozies

Yeah, I know and I have heard this hundreds of times, “if you need something that costs $40 to keep your beer from getting warm, then you ain’t drankin’ fast enough”. I get it!! But not all of us guzzle our beer down in 5 minutes, some of us take 10 minutes, 20 minutes and some take even longer. However with that said, I will say there are (at least in my own “justifying” opinion) reasons to use a koozie…some of which are tongue in cheek.

  1. First and foremost, when it’s really hot outside, YES a koozie does help to keep your beer cold.
  2. It can decrease the amount of “can sweating”.
  3. You might be working on a project or mowing the lawn and don’t concentrate on when that next swig of beer will come.
  4. It’s a great way to advertise or amuse your friends.
  5. You can avoid that last mouthful of awful tasting, spit diluted, warm ass beer!
  6. You can enjoy the ENTIRE can of your beverage.
  7. You can impress your friends with the amount of money you throw away on needless “beer drinking gadgets”.
  8. It’s a great way to show your level of REDNECKNESS.

neoprene_koozieNeoprene Rubber Collapsible Koozie

Really this is nothing more than a thin neoprene sleeve that possesses very little insulating properties…this more of an advertisement gimmick than it is a drink cooler. It is only slightly better than a bare can. Ever so slightly.

  • Insulation – D
  • Cold Retention – F
  • Fit and Feel – B
  • Price ($1-3) – A
  • Overall Grade – D

foam_koozieFoam Rubber Cooler

Much better than the neoprene sleeves, and although it might have some insulation qualities, it has absolutely no “cold” temperature retention features. Still…it’s cheap and also has many options for advertising and humorous graphics on the outside.

  • Insulation – A
  • Cold Retention – D
  • Fit and Feel – C
  • Price ($3-6) – B
  • Overall Grade – C

fridge_koozieThe Fridge Cooler

The Fridge Cooler is a pretty neat product. The interior of the holder is lined with gel that can be frozen prior to putting your can into the holder. The idea is great, but the problem is that gel is good for maybe one drink, and unless you have several of these already frozen, after the first can…the koozie then is no better than just a foam koozie. Also, this particular koozie is pretty fat and bulky, so it’s not a great feel in your hand.

  • Insulation – A
  • Cold Retention – B
  • Fit and Feel – F
  • Price ($10-12) – B
  • Overall Grade – D

hooler_koozieHooler Cooler

I had very high hopes for this thing…and at first I was sold, but over time it became less and less desirable to use. This is a double walled polyethylene koozie where you actually put ice and water in the bottom of the koozie and then place the can on top of the ice water…then a gasket type lid is screwed down to make a seal of the can inside the koozie. The problem is that the koozie both sweats, and worse than that…it leaks. So every drink you take, water runs down your chin. The koozie feels pretty good in your hand, although it does feel more like a “cup” instead of a koozie.

  • Insulation – A
  • Cold Retention – B
  • Fit and Feel – C
  • Price ($10-12) – B
  • Overall Grade – C

yeti_koozieYETI Colster

Actually, Lee Ann bought this one. I’m not a fan of the Yeti (craze), but I won’t slam it here either. The Yeti Can Cooler works pretty well, it both insulates well (double walled and vacuum sealed) and is good at retaining the cold of the drink. My biggest problem with this particular koozie is that besides the cost (astronomical in terms of a koozie), it that the gasket that holds the drink in koozie actually screws DOWN on the drink. That means when you change cans, you have to unscrew the koozie, put the new can in, then screw the lid down again…call me lazy I guess. I was also not a fan of the circumference of the Yeti. It’s not uncomfortable to hold, but it will not fit in your drink areas of your car. It would be nice if it were slimmer to fit in your car.

  • Insulation – A
  • Cold Retention – A
  • Fit and Feel – B
  • Price ($20-30) – F
  • Overall Grade – C

corkcickle_koozieCorkcicle Arctican

This was another koozie which I thought had a lot of potential. The premise of this koozie is that on the bottom of the double walled and vacuum sealed holder, there is a “plug” or “disk” that has been previously frozen. It has a dimple that actually fits up into the can to give more COLD surface area to keep the can cool. They are supposed to last about 3 hours. The problem I ran into was after froze the disk…it would not screw into the bottom of the can…it had become warped due to freezing. I finally figured out that the disks must be frozen in a flat position. This koozie does fit in the drink area of my car though. Other than that…this koozie worked fairly well…although still not cheap.

  • Insulation – A
  • Cold Retention – A
  • Fit and Feel – A
  • Price ($15-20) – D
  • Overall Grade – B

thermos_koozieThermos Vacuum Insulated Beverage Can

OK…finally got this koozie delivered to the house. When it arrived…basically it came in the shipping box and the cup was in a small bag. No packaging whatsoever. Also, it looked SMALL compared to the other metal koozies that I tried out (the Corkcicle and the Yeti). So the next step was to try it out. OK, I was very pleasantly surprised. The can slid in very easily, but also very securely. It felt good in my hand and the circumference was very similar to the Corkcicle diameter. But it also held the COLD really well, at least as well as BOTH the Corkcicle and the Yeti. I may have very well found the best of the bunch as an OVERALL koozie. One other additional note on this koozie, there is a website ( that sells this same insulator holder with both the regular rubber cap and also an addition rubber cap that fits over a beer bottle OR a WATER BOTTLE should you want to use this koozie for a beer bottle (aluminum or glass)…but at a premium price of $17.95, which is still cheaper than the Yeti and in some cases even the Corkcicle.

  • Insulation – A
  • Cold Retention – A
  • Fit and Feel – A+
  • Price ($11-14) – C
  • Overall Grade – A-

Conclusion – OK, after many considerations which included ease of use, cost, ergonomics, and versatility…Here are my recommendations:

My Cheapskate Redneck recommendation is no koozie at all…you’re probably drinking your beer fast enough for it not to get cold anyway.

My Refined Redneck recommendation is the FOAM koozies you can get at Walmart for a just a couple of dollars…you’re probably drinking your beer fast enough for it not to get cold anyway.

My Privileged Redneck recommendation is the Yeti Colster. I mean $30 for a beer seems like a bit overkill unless you just want to be “hip” and “cool” to your friends, but you don’t have to spend that much money on a can insulator.

My OVERALL RECOMMENDATION is the Thermos Vacuum Insulated Beverage Can Holder. Yes, it’s still more expensive than a person should pay, but it does work, it can fit into your cars cup holder (or better yet, my motorcycle cup holder), and it is unobtrusive. At about $12 for this can insulator and the fact that it’s almost indestructible…its really not that bad of a deal.

One thought on “REVIEW: Can Insulators and Koozies

  1. So here’s a follow up to this review. The Thermos Koozie is still MY FAVORITE of all the ones I own…love it and it definitely keeps the DRINK COLD for long periods of time.

    In fact, I liked it so much…I bought 2 more. I even bought one where it was customized specifically with a graphic I uploaded to them to etch or laser onto the steel.

    Here’s the link for that:


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