David’s Burgers – Another Darn Good Burger

I’m always on the prowl for another good burger and I found one at David’s Burgers in Conway. I don’t really want to say it’s the best burger I have ever eaten, but it’s close…and that’s saying something for a “fast food” burger.

Me and Lee Ann were in Conway a couple of months ago and we decided to go ahead and try David’s Burgers since I had heard they were pretty good hamburgers. Here’s how my experience was when we went the first time.

As soon as we walked in the door…the crew started shouting out and greeting us. A little overboard, but better than ignoring us I guess. The menu is pretty basic, mostly hamburgers (they might have some chicken)…but mostly just hamburgers. Lee Ann got single combo and I got the double combo…both meals for about $20. This entire meal includes all you can eat fries that are usually served before your meal arrives and during your meal (if you have enough room for them)…and then when you’re done, they come around with a FREE yogurt sampler…a small cup of vanilla, chocolate or swirl ice cream.

The double combo I got was 2 hamburger patties fixed any way you want them (well done for me) and then topped any way you want. I topped mine with 2 slices american cheese, mustard, pickle, onion and JALAPENOS. The combo came with fries (tasty) and a drink (some very good tea).

When the burger arrived, it was HOT, it was JUICY, it was WELL DONE, and it was SEASONED perfectly!! And although this is what I consider a “fast food” burger, the only hamburger I have eaten that was better than this burger is Tisha’s in Heber Springs…and her burgers are really of the “Mom and Pop” variety.

So, earlier I said we ate there a couple of months ago. That was true, but I hate pass judgement on any food unless I have eaten at the place a couple of times at least. So since a couple of months ago, we have been back two more times…each time was as good if not better than the last time. But we have also tried the David’s Burgers in Cabot…it too was excellent.

Is it worth driving 27 miles to Cabot or 40 miles to Conway…just for a burger. YEP, some days it is.

2 thoughts on “David’s Burgers – Another Darn Good Burger

  1. I love David’s which got me thinking. Why is Searcy always behind the power curve for such eateries? I know the liquor license is one reason for some restaraunts, but places like Cracker Barrel and David’s Burgers are alcohol-free zones establishments. 3 high schools and a 14,000 student University and no David’s?


    • I totally and 100% agree David. This would be a PRIME place for a burger joint like David’s and also a Cracker Barrel on the Highway. Thanks for the comment.


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