Trump – Conqueror or Divider

I have wanted to comment on this for a very long time. I think I’ll finally say something.

First and foremost, in spite of this looking like a political post…it is not really (OK, maybe a little). It’s not about Republicans or Democrats (well, maybe a brief mention at some point), but this is more about the man and what is going on with our country IN MY OPINION.

Let me start at the beginning…I have know about Donald Trump and his ego maniacal desire for attention ever since his dealings with Merv Griffin in the late 1980’s. It was then I got my first glimpse and impression of Donald Trump. It was NOT a good impression at that time and my fondness of him has definitely deteriorated over these almost 30 years of him being in the “limelight”. He tried to spin this deal with Merv Griffin as being the one to SCREW Mr. Griffin…not only did he give that impression, I remember him mocking him, and that set the tone for my total dislike of this lowlife human being. This was WAY before politics ever came out of his mouth.

So fast forward (otherwise, this would be even too long for me to read, much less write)…to about 2011 when he began trying to (again my opinion) garner headlines for his TV show announcing that he was sending “investigators” to Hawaii to check out and verify Obama’s birth certificate (note: no one ever saw an investigator, nor was anything else was said about this investigation…just another outrageous lie by Trump) because it never happened.  Of course, nothing ever came of it, but he still raises the question and then follows his assertion (actually any assertion) with the same phrase, “Well, I dunno. That’s what people are saying”. And although some give him credit as being a master spinner of headlines, I think he is a master manipulator, someone who is narcissistic, but not because he is a genius or smart, but rather because he has adapted because of a true personality disorder or disease. In other words, Donald Trump is a sick, sick individual who cares only about himself.

So we come to the summer of 2015. Like most, I too thought he would be a flash in the pan. After all, he was inexperienced, he was crude, and he was clumsy…but most of all he was maniacal with his attacks on his fellow Republican candidates or anyone that got in his way or questioned his lies…and they weren’t ready for something like that and neither was the majority of the electorate…yes, he was driven by those that would follow him and his racial, radical and vitriolic rhetoric. They ate it up…which inspired him even further, and then before you knew it… he annihilated the Republican field including the favorites. Unfortunately, when that happened, he gave many American’s the choice of picking a Democrat or taking a gamble (a huge gamble) on someone that was borderline insane (actually, I don’t think he is borderline at all…I think he is deranged).

As the primaries began, he went beyond the pale regarding attacks on his opponents and over time they became more and more personal as well as out of touch with the majority of citizens of this country, How could someone say that McCain is NOT a hero. He not only fought for our country, but he endured torture and pain in allegiance to our Country. Yet, Donald Trump said he prefers his hero’s to “not get captured”. What an ASSHOLE!! I don’t agree with McCain all the time, but by GOD he has my respect!

I won’t even go into what he has said about women, or how he “handles” Ivanka (which is a bit weird in itself –  look it up). But I think his statements about women, disabled people and immigrants speak for themselves.

So let’s fast forward to Ted Cruz (the only OTHER (Republican I could not have voted for), at the end of the primaries…he actually insinuated that Ted Cruz’s Dad was involved with the Kennedy Assassination! Really? And there were actually people that fell for that shit! Unbelievable how STUPID our electorate is nowadays. It was pretty obvious that Donald Trump had Steven Bannon of Breitbart and huge false conspiracy theories feeding Trump his daily gaffes.

So here we are in August. And to be honest, when I thought about writing about Trump in this blog, I had so many things to say…but LITERALLY there are so many instances of his ego maniacal, narcissistic behavior and rudeness…I can’t remember them all.

But lets start with Purple Heart recipient Mr. Kahn. How much more disrespectful can a human being be towards a soldier that fought for our Country, sacrificed his life for his Country and then leaves parents to grieve for their rest of their life…only to have Donald Trump disrespect their sacrifice and then to make things even worse…assume the reason the Mother of this soldier did not talk was due to religious limitations of her faith. This is insensitivity at it’s greatest!

And as bad as Trump was about the Kahn’s (which was almost as bad as it can get)… within just a few days, at one of his “rally’s” he says he was given a Purple Heart by Vietnam War recipient of this heart. Trump said, “I asked him if this was real or copy, and he said it was real. “He said, he wanted me to have it because he respected me so much”. Of course, when the interviewed the Purple Heart recipient, he said he never said that, and that he had given a COPY of his Purple Heart to Donald Trump. So Trump lied, even though he knew his account could be proven wrong..another example of a narcissistic liar.

But the comment that GOT ME, as a PROUD Veteran of the United States Navy (4 years, 2 months, 29 days, and 10 hours….thank you very much) was the statement that, “I always wanted one of these, I never knew it would be so easy”. YOU SON OF A BITCH DONALD TRUMP!You have no idea what it is to serve, to sacrifice, or to serve YOUR COUNTRY so that you can be the NARCISSISTIC DISRESPECTFUL ASSHOLE that you are to many Americans.

In all my 61 years (and 40 years of voting), I have never heard someone so divisive, so anti-American and so self-centered as Donald Trump. Its about HIM, not me, not you, not our Country, not a party and certainly not about Patriotism.

And finally, for those idiot Senators, Congress people and Governors that put political party over Country (yes, this is the political part), I am very disappointed that for the sake of your Party that would support someone as dangerous as Donald Trump…You could effect the balance of power, the balance of agenda’s, the balance of issues by  being an inclusive party…instead of being motivated by a racially insensitive, morally objectionable and totally deranged individual … you could decide to address the ever changing society without hate or exclusivity.

He really is a modern day Hitler if you just compare the two before Hitler actually became in charge. And he appears to be a communist sympathizer and certainly being played by Vladimar Putin…I’m sure he’s laughing about how easy it was to get the Donald in his back pocket. Very scary stuff…very scary.

I would also ask you…how would YOU feel if Donald Trump disparaged your Mother, Father, Daughter or Son with the type of rhetoric that he has used all these years. It’s sad…just sad.

I’m not asking you to vote DEMOCRAT, and I understand if you are a Republican that you want to vote Republican in an effort to remain loyal or because of your conservative views or issues, but I am saying that in THIS election, regardless of who you think “lies” more or is less trustworthy, that you use your common sense and vote for a SANE person to lead our government.

And for those of you that want to call me a LIBERAL, let me just say that while I usually vote Democrat (my reason for voting the democratic ticket would probably anger you)…I can assure you that I have NUMEROUS conservative views. Unfortunately, for the unmentioned reasons above, I almost always vote democratic, HOWEVER…with that said, I could just as easily vote for Moderate Republican (which there were several in the primaries I would have voted for). But, were not given that choice this election. Shame on us America!

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2 thoughts on “Trump – Conqueror or Divider

  1. Amen and again I say amen! Well said. I totally agree with you and so would my husband, Bob, if he were still on this mortal plane. Bob was a proud Navy veteran of 20 years and a Democrat. Please, America, do NOT fall for the rantings of the crazy crazy con man. Our country is better than that.


  2. Great characterization of Donald Trump. But I did not see any moderate Republicans in the primaries that I would vote for. I don’t think it is possible to win a primary as a ” Moderate Republican” any more. And even the moderates support trickle down economics, which disqualifies them from my vote.


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