My Ice Chest Project

OK…seriously…best project I have ever built. My homemade ice chest cooler from an OLD 50 qt Coleman cooler, a few 2×4’s and some fence pickets…VERY COOL! And it works great…ice stays cold and iced for 5 days!!

ice_chest1Good for any kind of drinks, cokes, water and yes…even beer.

Let’s just say that there is no longer 99 bottles of beer in my chest… LOVE THIS THING!! And I’m still adding to it. I have now got a thermometer on it..and a CUSTOM ice pick to keep the ice broken up (since it stay so cold that it refreezes itself)…and the drinks are SOOOOOOO COLD!!

It doesn’t take a lot of skill…heck, I built it …and it is so worth it!!

It is now truly complete with3 coats of Helmspar Urethane to weatherize it, towel handles on side, thermometer, and a pretty folksy version of a homemade cutout (wood) peace sign.

Here is the YouTube video of the plans I LOOSELY followed.

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