Penn’s BBQ – GONE

I just heard that Penn’s BBQ has officially closed. I had no warning (or I would have made a pilgrimage there for one last sandwich), and although its not a total surprise, I was hoping for some time to get back one more time.

I hate that an establishment like Penn’s has closed. He had been in business for over 40 years I think (I KNOW) I have been eating his sandwiches since the late 1970’s.

For me, and my opinion only (although shared by my younger brothers)...Penn’s was the GOLD STANDARD of BBQ sandwiches. A sandwich was chopped off the butt AS YOU ORDERED it. The bun was toasted, the sauce MATED to his BBQ, and a dry slaw that wasn’t too crunchy or too mushy. THE PERFECT SANDWICH as far as I was concerned…and it was the standard for which I held ALL OTHER SANDWICHES against.

Again… Ronnie Penn knew how to cook, chop and serve a sandwich unlike any other in my book. The place will be sorely missed…I SALUTE YOU PENN’S BBQ for a JOB WELL DONE!!!

It truly is the end of an era for one of Blytheville’s BEST BBQ joints!!

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