Don’t Cuss In Front Of Your Mother

It was back in the early 80’s and I was going through a lot of girlfriends after the divorce from my first wife. It was also the first time (and only time) I ever dropped an “F” bomb in front of my Mom…and involved drinking at my Mom’s house, which she did not like.

When I lived in Blytheville…sometimes to get away from it all (usually woman problems)…I would go to Searcy to visit Mom. One time I was having GIRLFRIEND problems again so I head to Searcy where I know absolutely no none…it was so relaxing. I rode over on a motorcycle that I had…stopped along the way and picked up a 6 pack of beer before I got to Mom’s house. That night, we’re in the living room and although Mom didn’t want me drinking in her house…I still brought the booze in with me…

I’m sitting there on my 2nd or 3rd beer. I started BURDENING my Mom with my girlfriend problems (Mom absolutely never interfered or asked)…at one point, I said something to the effect of “I just wished she’d EFFNG leave me alone. I realized what I said, Mom said nothing. I was HORRIFIED of what I had said in front of my Mom…I got up from my chair, poured the rest of THAT beer out and threw the others away… Mom heard me, but she always listened.

Nope…I never liked Mom knowing that I drank, yeah she knew that me and my brothers did drink, but she raised us and we were what we were…and she was proud.

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