Replacing My DSLR With An iPhone

Replacing my DSLR with an iPhone – Blasphemy you say…

Well, first off let me say that after a 1/2 pint of Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey…I can speak my mind. smile emoticon

OK…so here’s the dope.

I have owned some of the best DSLR cameras on the market (OK, maybe not any lately)…but one was a $1600 body and the other a $5000 body…and I have been taking photos with these types of cameras for more than 15 years. They take AMAZING photographs…no question about it.

BUT…speaking for myself and never having the talent for being a great photographer (no, I am NOT fishing for compliments – I know great photography when I see it)… I got by. Barely. Because I never had formal training and I was never that creative…and I was never smart enough to figure out FILM photography very well.

Along came digital and that HELPED me some, but not entirely. Like I said…I got by (and still do get by some)… the pictures are still the best for editing and manipulating to get great photos.

But alas…the iPhone 3 was released in 2007 and I bought my first one in 2008. This little gadget opened up a plethora of options and creativity not only for me, but for anyone that owned a smartphone. The world changed…and those smartphone cameras have worked some of their features into full fledged DSLR cameras.

I carry a DSLR (Canon 7D) with me at all times when I am touring on my motorcycle. However, most of the time I reach for my iPhone for a picture…editing can be done instantaneously and quickly uploaded or shared right after I take a picture. With my DSLR I have to first download and then probably edit before anything is done with the picture.

In 2008 I took a motorcycle trip with 5 great friends and did not take my regular camera with me, but instead decided to take ONLY my new iPhone 3G. I had a great time…camera was always ready and I could share my photos immediately. I loved it.

OK…Finally, I am NOT replacing my DSLR cameras with an iPhone! I’m wrote this little blurb for two reasons…first and foremost, I read an article about the upcoming (and exciting) iPhone 7 to be released later this year…and secondly, a 1/2 pint of Honey Whiskey makes you WORDY.

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