Finally Entered the UHD TV Market

Last weekend, we decided to upgrade our TV and move the “sets” around a little. We replaced our 46″HD TV in the living room with a 55″ SUHD Samsung Smart TV. WOW!! Well, OK it’s not all WOW, but most of it is…

There is very little “free” programming right now that is done in 4K resolution. You can find some on video websites (YouTube, vimeo, etc)…and some of the “app” channels have some 4K movies and documentaries. So when you can find those (and want to watch that particular subject)…it’s amazing. But again, not that much programming yet comes in 4K.

HOWEVER…. I decided to look around on Netflix at some of the movies and saw that they still had the “Rockford Files” in their library…now I have seen all of the RF episodes (or so I thought)…but thought I’d give it a shot on the new TV. The RF is available in HD on Netflix, so I started with episode 1 (actually I had never seen that one…and in that one Rocky, Jim’s Dad was not played by Noah Beery Jr. until the 2nd episode)…WOW, DOUBLE WOW.

The quality of that show on this TV was mind boggling. I don’t know if it being in HD was the only difference or the upscaling of the SUHD TV does of HD programs was the cause…but the video quality was insanely good. Even the lighting was different (maybe because of the backlighting of the TV itself)…but it gives a WHOLE new look to watching this old program. I assume other programs like this that are now offered in HD would look the same.

No buyers remorse for me. If you were on the fence before…FALL OFF to the UHD side.

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