Your Memories Are Not Your Childs Memories

When I was a teenager, we owned a restaurant on Main Street in Blytheville, AR from 1966 until about 1978 called Betty’s and Lettie’s (or B&L for short). The memories from that cafe are truly ones that I will always cherish as it was both a place to eat (that’s always a good memory) and also a place that Mom worked/owned where many a decision, discussions and social interactions took place.

main_street_compositeThis week I edited a photo from Google Maps Street View of Main Street in Blytheville and the view from directly in front of our Cafe at 108 E. Main Street. My plan was to superimpose an old 1968 family photo of our cafe onto the current view of Main Street from Google Maps. I thought it turned out pretty well and then posted it on Facebook.

Several people commented on it and it was “liked” by several more. But what caught my attention was when my Daughter “liked” the photo. I assumed she would “like” it and even comment on it…then it occurred to me that she was not even born at the time of the photo, and even later she was too young to have any recollection or memories of this great place for me and my Brothers while growing up. Subconsciously I was expecting her to live the same memories I had as a kid…

I’m not revealing anything earth shattering, but maybe some of you have experienced the same thing. I do wished she could have experienced Blytheville and her teen years like I did when we had the restaurant.

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