New Smoker Grill

Well…I have went through 5 grills/smokers in about 2 years. I started out with a Cajun Injector Electric Smoker…then I bought a MasterBuilt electric smoker that had a few more features and then I decided I wanted to smoke meat the old fashioned way with a stick-burner, so I bought one of those. The stick burner lasted through ONE SMOKED BUTT and that was because this OLD BODY ain’t used to feeding wood into a grill at all hours of the night.

So I went back to an electric smoker…and bought Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 30″…a very nice electric smoker. But it was a VERTICAL smoker and sometimes they can be messy. Anyway, cooked on this smoker for about 1.5 years before purchasing my latest smoker.

I got my new smoker, The Rec Tec Pellet Smoker yesterday (June 30th) and did my first cook on it Rec_Tectoday. The great thing about this smoker is that it is BOTH a smoker and a grill (with the help of Grillmates). So you can do the traditional ribs, butts, briskets, etc…but you can also do steaks, burgers and even casseroles on this smoker. It really is a great piece of equipment…even if it is a little expensive, but with a 6 year warranty I was willing to take my chances.

steak_shrimpI’m really not much a steak eater and when I do eat steaks…I really prefer just one cut of meat and that’s the Filet Mignon. However the Filet Mignon is a very expensive piece of meat, so for today’s meal I went and bought two rib-eye steaks, a pound of shrimp and some red potatoes. I smoked the rib-eyes for about 2 hours and then reverse seared them on the Grillmates…HMMMMM they were good and it’s not even my favorite cut of meat. Next I marinated the shrimp in olive oil and some rib rub and then skewered them and grilled them. MAN O MAN!!! They were great. Same thing with the potatoes…olive and a Greek seasoning for some fine, fine eating. I haven’t even smoked a butt or ribs yet and I’m already loving this smoker!!!

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