Motorcycle Utopia – A Time to Ride

Yesterday I did a short little ride to Des Arc to the Steamboat Days Festival. I got there about 5pm and shot a few pictures of a friends band, Deep South. As soon as they were done playing, which was about 7pm, I grabbed a corn dog and by 7:30p I was on the road back to Searcy. It’s about 40 miles from Des Arc to my house. The sun was going down, temps were about 82 degrees and traveling on rural roads in Arkansas during those conditions can just be totally satisfying.

In all the years I have been riding (since 1980), I have probably rode upwards of 200,000 miles on a motorcycle. And while there days that are considered perfect for riding…the sweet spot for me, and the time that I SAVOR THE MOMENT is the first hour DURING sunrise and the last hour DURING sunset. It’s just a magnificent time to ride during the summer.

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