The Letterman Void

I gotta tell ya…two weeks after David Letterman retired…Late night is now VOID. Yes, I know that you have Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and James Corden. But none of those guys do the same kind of show that Letterman did during his time. In fact, it is now pretty apparent to me how good an interviewer that Letterman really was…which I think he was second ONLY to Johnny Carson.

I’m just saying that I had already resigned myself to not getting interested in any of the Late Night Talk Shows…I just didn’t realize it would be this easy. And so after watching The Tonight Show beginning in 1970 and watching till Johnny closed it down…and then switching over to Late Night with David Letterman and watching it till he closed it down. I’m now DONE.

Late night TV will NEVER be the same.

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