Ringing In Ears And Cicada’s Singing

I have ringing in my ears. I’ve had this ringing for decades and it’s getting worse…and probably has something to do with the vertigo I have been experiencing for the past 7-8 months. Anyway, I try to not complain too much about my “Old Man” ailments. But if you know anyone that has ringing in their ears, I’m sure they’ll tell you that it makes it difficult to hear conversations, TV, phones and lots of other stuff.

Anyway, that noise you hear during the hot summer months that sounds like a funny siren that fades in and out and can be almost deafening…those are cicada’s. They come out of the ground every 13 years and wreak havoc on people for a few weeks during that part of their life cycle.

So now you have an idea of what I’m hearing ALL the time, every day. I have tried many of the home remedies and even those medications they advertise on TV (which are very expensive)…the Lipo-Flavonoids just do not work.

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