The NEW Georgetown One Stop

Georgetown One Stop is a well known place in Central Arkansas for Catfish. It was voted Best of the Best several times and then the owner fell ill about 2 years ago.

Fast forward to now…and it’s back open again. They still use the original recipe, but a few thing have changed. The menu now includes burger meals, chicken strip meals, buffalo ribs, frog legs and of course their tasty catfish! And now instead of serving a piece of cake with every meal…they have peach and blackberry cobbler.

So…onto the meal we go. For this meal, I ordered the large catfish plate (about 10-12 nice sized morsels of clean, white catfish), some crinkle fries, 3 hushpuppies, slaw, slices of onion and a pickle slice!

The fish arrived very promptly (much faster than when it was open before), and the fish, fries and hushpuppies were all piping hot. VERY NICE! The fries were fries, nothing special there. Their slaw is similar to what it was with the previous owner (maybe a little drier), and the hushpuppies were your typical hushpuppies…fried to perfection with a good taste (maybe they could use some jalapeno’s in them).

The fish…OH THE FISH. EXCELLENT!! Absolutely THE BEST CATFISH I ever put in my mouth…bar none. And that includes comparing it to the OLD Georgetown One Stop! The breading on the fish is nice a crisp, with just the right amount of seasoning. The meat was cooked to perfection and was a glowing chunky white meat with NO VISIBLE dark areas (they trim that part out)…which results in a very CLEAN tasting and scrumptious morsel of catfish to dine on. It’s a homerun on the fish…an A+, a perfect 10. It’s all GREAT!

After you are done with your main meal…leave room for their desserts! I had the blackberry cobbler with ice cream. Best cobbler I ever had too…it’s to die for!

Ogeorgetown_onestop_menuK…I mentioned some changes from the old Georgetown One Stop to this one. First and foremost, they no longer have all you can eat. But if you get their LARGE CATFISH PLATE at $11.50…you will be full after you eat that meal. So no more all you can eat…but with the large catfish plate you don’t need all you can eat…it is just about all you can eat!

Another change is that they also offer burgers, frog legs and corn dogs now.

They also now take credit cards!

They are open Thursday – Saturday 11a-830p and  Sunday’s from 11a-3p.

I highly recommend this place for your catfish cravings. In fact, I INSIST you try this place out. It is definitely worth the drive…no matter where you are coming from.


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