The Hook Catfish Restaurant – Jacksonville, AR

I’ve heard a lot about “The Hook” Catfish Restaurant in Jacksonville, so I finally got a chance to try it out. We were seated promptly and the waitress was there about the same time we sat down. Waitresses were friendly and attentive.

I ordered the Large Catfish Plate which consists fo 5 pieces of catfish filets, fries, cole slaw, 3 hushpuppies, a small bowl of sliced white onions an small bowl of pickled peppers (spicy, but not hot).

the_hook_fishThe plates were delivered VERY QUICKLY (maybe 5 minutes). The fish portion was generous and everything piping hot. The coleslaw had a good taste and the onion was fresh and crispy…very nice onion taste too. The fries were hot and not soggy. The hushpuppies were well done, had a great consistency, but lacked any “extra” spices in the hushpuppy…some pepper or jalapeno would made these perfect.

The fish was well done, very hot and cooked to perfection!! But the reason I only rated the dinner as AVERAGE (3 stars) was because of two things missing from the fish. The fish had little or no spice (including salt) in the batter, so the fish had a bland taste. The other thing is that out of 5 pieces of fish…two of them had a big streak of dark meat the entire length of the filet. The one thing I have learned about catfish is that if you don’t trim and clean it properly it will have a “muddy or sewery” taste and for me…that ruins the fish. For the 3 pieces that were devoid of the dark streaks…the taste was excellent but for the spices I mentioned earlier.

I really would like to have rated this about 3.5…it’s very good. This is a great value meal too at lunch…me and my wife both ate the large catfish plates with drinks for $20. I’d eat there again (I will eat there again), but with just a few minor adjustments…this would be some KILLER CATFISH.

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