Death By Arrest

In light of all the fatal shootings and deaths of those people being arrested or in police custody…I have this to say. To me as an American citizen, it is not a Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian issue with these deaths. Don’t try to to make it one!

The bottom line is this… If you break the law, or you try to resist (or run) from being arrested (guilty or innocent), then you MUST take some responsibility for those actions. This doesn’t mean that because you are illegally selling cigarettes you should be killed. What it means in the simplist of terms is that IF you are breaking a law (regardless of how minor), and then you RESIST arrest you are in effect breaking 2 laws. Again, this doesn’t mean that you should be die, but it is a possibility if you RISK your life because of a minor offense.

It really flies all over me when I see leaders from whatever community say, “We need to investigate and fix this problem”!! I have not once (not even one time) hear ANY of these people say the key to stopping these deaths is for people to STOP BREAKING THE LAW. Blame the parents, blame the role models, blame the community…but to blame the police for something they are FORCED to do is ridiculous.

Yes, there are bad cops. But in many of these cases the person that died would be alive today had they not started out the day by BREAKING the law.

Michael Brown would be alive today had he not robbed and bullied a store owner and then charged a police officer. Eric Garner would not be dead if he had not been illegally selling “loosies” on the street and then RESISTING arrest. Walter Scott would not have been shot had he stayed in his vehicle instead of RUNNING away from a police officer (who in the beginning was very respectful). Robert Lawrence (a white guy) would not have died had he not resisted arrest.

Folks, if you are arrested by the cops…regardless of your innocence or guilt, COMPLY with their instructions and fight them in court…it’s much safer. You do NOT kill someone for breaking the law, but you also do NOT reward someone for it either.

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