Retirement is Near

I turned my notice of termination in today. My last day to work as a lab tech at White County Medical Center is on October 9, 2014. It’s not really a retirement as I’m still a little under the retirement age…but it’s close enough for me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about “terminating” my employment, as I have worked continuously without breaks since I was 16 years old, so being without a job will be a whole new experience for me.

Actually, it’ll be more of a “break” than retirement. At any rate, my career as a Medical Technologist will be over soon.


Here’s a little background on working career for those that didn’t know. I have been a Lab Tech and in the medical field for over 41 years.  I have worked at 9 different hospitals (locations), of which the first 5 were all Navy related and occurred in a 4 year period, the last 4 have been scattered over the last 36 years. I have worked all shifts, various areas of responsibilities and with an assortment of people. Although I have worked all the shifts, for the most part I have been the “early bird” person by going to work anywhere from 4-5am for most of the 40+ years of working. I have also done phlebotomy (drawn blood) for most of this time and have always enjoyed that patient contact.

But now is the time to call it a career. Medicine has changed a great deal over these 41 years, some good changes and some (very) bad changes. But more has changed in the last year than in the entire OTHER 40 years I have been in the field, and unfortunately the changes have occurred on the FINANCIAL side of medicine as opposed to the CARING side of medicine. And I’ll leave it at that, although maybe someday I’ll give my opinion on what’s right with healthcare and what’s wrong it…much of what I think would shock you.

Now, back to retirement. I have several projects I’m pursuing for when I have this “surplus” amount of time on my hands. I have some photography projects in mind, some “writing” projects (of course, I’ll have to learn to write first), and then some familial projects I will be working on too.

As I begin work on these projects I’ll post more information on them as they progress.

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