Trails End Fish and BBQ

Well, I think I found a respectable replacement for the Georgetown One Stop Catfish store, which by the way was some of the best catfish I have ever eaten. The strange thing is that 20 years ago, I did not even like catfish…it always tasted too “fishy” or “sewery”.

The Trails End Cafe is only a few miles west of the old One Stop place and it sits just off the road in a newer building with a moderate amount of parking.

When I entered the cafe, I was the only one in there as the lunch RUSH had already gone. I was greeted by the owner and she showed me a small menu. Of course, I ordered the fish with 3 sides and sweet tea (by the way, the bill ended up being LESS than $10 for the entire meal and drink).

About 15-20 minutes later my plate arrived and was PIPING hot. Luckily the owner talked with me a little which gave the fish a little time to cool off. The size I got was 10oz which ended up being about 6-7 pieces of fish. The fish was HOT and tasted clean. It was not greasy and really not messy at all….the breading they use on the fish is less coarse than cornmeal, but was still VERY GOOD. A bowl with fresh cut onion was also included with the plate. My sides were 4 hushpuppies, a bowl of slaw and fries and they were all good.

I will go back to this place for more fish. If I had to “ding” them on anything and this is VERY MINOR…it would be that although fish was excellent, it was slightly bland and some additional spice would make it even better. Again, that is nothing more than nitpicking!!

Trails End Cafe also sells ribs and pulled pork in addition to their fish, and if is anywhere as good as the fish, then I’ll probably eat my SEARCY area BBQ there too.

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