Hotels While Traveling – Geesh

Last week on my way back from my motorcycle ride to Key West, I ended up staying in Montgomery, AL for the night. I got there at dusk (I really don’t like to ride at night)…and saw a Super 8, Motel 6 and a Ramada Inn advertised on the road signs. So I decided to go ahead and stop for the night just off the interstate.

When I pulled onto the service road, I turned into the Super 8 parking lot and as soon as I pulled in I see a DRUG DEAL going down. I wasn’t about to stay there, and the Motel 6 looked just as “seedy”. So I swander on over to the Ramada Inn HOTEL. I figured I’d pay a little more, but hopefully it would worth in both security and cleanliness.


How in the world can a company like Ramada Inn allow their name to represent this TRASH hotel I stayed in that night. It was the 2nd worse hotel/motel I have ever stayed in…just terrible. The floors were dirty, the shower was dirty, the wall plugs were exposed with wires hanging out and the television required 2 remotes to get one channel!!

Once I got settled in, I went back up to the desk (more about this later), and asked where the vending machines were at so I could get a Coke. He told me that the only one they had was around the corner from his desk. I go back there to get me a Coke and they are $2 for the bottle which is not exactly cheap, but I was thirsty. So I put my $2 bucks in there and push the button for Diet Coke… SOLD OUT. I pushed the button for COKE…SOLD OUT. I pushed the button for water…SOLD OUT. I pushed the button for Mellow Yellow and got my drink. YUCK!

At least it was a quiet night, but the HOTEL and my room WREAKED of curry. My experience has been when I smell that smell, it’s not gonna be a good stay. I’m sure there are nice motels out there that are owned by middle easterner’s, but I haven’t found one yet.

BUT, the real reason of this post was to “vent” about what I thought was just a stupid insensitive move on the owners part.

Yesterday (6 days after I stayed at this hotel)…I noticed the operator never gave my drivers license back, so I rode home without a drivers license and drove almost an entire week without one. I called the Ramada Inn in Montgomery and inquired as to whether they still had my drivers license. They told me yes and asked me my name (I had already given it to them once…but that’s OK), she then said she wanted to “verify” the address on my drivers license with the one she asked me for…yep, they matched! Then SILENCE…I had to ASK if she would send my drivers license back to me…which she said she would.

My question though is…wouldn’t common sense tell you that if the clerk kept the driver license (or even if the DL was lost)…that the RIGHT and COURTEOUS thing to do would be to just drop it in the mail without having to wait on someone to call and ask about it?

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