Expanded Alcohol Sales in Arkansas

I hope the bill for expanding alcohol sales statewide in Arkansas passes.

Myself, I don’t drink that much anymore in my old age. Yes, I still occasionally enjoy a beer with pizza, afterall they were made to go with each other right. In fact, my first ENJOYABLE beer…you know the one you drank without making that ugly face…was at a pizza hut in California while I was in the Navy and I have enjoyed beer with my pizza ever since. I only drink a couple with my meal, so it’s not about getting drunk. Heck it’s really not even about socializing because many a time I have ate a pizza while drinking a beer by myself.

So besides the selfish reason for hoping this bill passes, I think it will be good for the White County economy.

When I first moved to Searcy in 1991, Conway and Searcy were close (although not exactly) the same size in population. But since that time, the Conway
census has exploded to where Conway has in excess of 45,000 residents. And while Conway is still DRY, they have permitted more and more restuarants to
sell beer, wine and liquor. In my opinion, this not only brings in the better eating establishments, it creates more jobs and also brings in more tax revenue for the county that might go elsewhere if it were not for these kinds of businesses. I truly wonder how many people from Searcy go to Little Rock to eat and DRINK… just to hide the fact that were having a beer, wine or a mixed drink?

What about drunk drivers? OK, what ABOUT drunk drivers? They are gonna get drunk regardless of where they get their booze…and many times they’ll drive
to drink and then DRIVE BACK HOME to Searcy. Let’s cut their drive time down (tongue in cheek there). It’s all about RESPONSIBILITY FOLKS! There are laws to take care of those who do not drink responsibly or drive responsibly. I don’t want a city or county full of drunks anymore than anyone else here, but expanding alchohol sales for the entire state is not going to “magically” turn us into a bunch of drunken citizens. There are temptations everywhere you turn, if you can’t resist those temptations, then what does that say about your character?

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