Victory Performance Work in Adel, IA

Today, Miles Doyle and myself left for South Dakota by way of Adel, IA. Our first stop in Adel is so that we can get our bikes worked on by The Vic Shop, which is owned by Rylan Vos.

It rained on and off most of the way up, but still the ride was a nice one as we avoided interstates most of the way. Anyway, we arrived just a few miles outside of Adel, IA a couple of hours before dark so that getting to our appointment the next morning would not be rushed.

Miles and I got to The Vic Shop about 9am the next morning and Rylan wasted no time in starting on my bike. He installed a Lloyd’s Timing Wheel, performance cams and finally a Power Commander V (PCV)….all to make the bike run better, faster and more efficiently. It took him about 3 hours to complete the work on my bike and then they rolled Miles’s bike up on the lift and changed his stuff out.

To say that we could tell a difference in the RIDE ON THE BIKE…would be a huge understatement! Not only did my MPG go up 3-4mpg, but the low end torque gain was huge. But the biggest GAIN was in 4th and 5th gear where I could feel a tremendous power difference.

We were completely done and on the road before 3pm and on our way to South Dakota for the 2nd leg of the trip.

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