Before you read any further…

READ THIS FIRST – Before you read any further here…

Most of what you read and see here will be shared stories, pictures and autobiographical content. I’ll also post excerpts from my Mom’s Journal that go back as far as 1945, as well as stories from my old Navy days and childhood, and even some stories as told to me by Mom and Dad. And although many of these stories happened years and decades ago, I tried to use the publish date as close to the actual date of the story as possible so that stories are in the correct timeline order.

Sometimes you may see a post or story here that might have adult language or crude situations, after all I was in the US Navy and we were known for our “salty” language. If I use profanity or describe an adult situation, then it is done because that’s way it happened and/or that’s the language that was used. For the most part what you read and see here is no different than what you might see on network television, but I will try and warn you in advance of such articles.

I have done lots of fun stuff AND quite a few stupid things in my life. Just because I did it, doesn’t mean I condone it or encourage it…remember I lived my young life in the 60’s. 70’s and 80’s. Some of these stories my family probably knows nothing of…yet.

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And finally, you may read posts where I’m on my soapbox which may be about a life event or a current news item. These will be my MY OWN OPINIONS and may or may not reflect those of my family and/or friends.