David Leaves for Spain

From Mom’s Journal…david_desert_storm_journal

Well, my David left morn. for Barksdale, LA where he’ll fly on over to Spain – I can’t even begin to put into words my feeling right now – Hurt-frustration-helplessness-dread-fear and anger- lots of Anger and major fear. – Oh God, I’m so scared for him – anything to with “Desert Storm” just terrifies me – I sent one to Vietnam to a senseless war – and now I’m gonna have to live it all over again with this stupid conflict that makes no sense either.

I know all the other Mother’s feel the same way I feel and my heart goes out to all of them – but that doesn’t help my heartache – My boy’s are the only thing in my life that is mine and that no body could take from me – They are my boy’s and they always will be- January 18, 1991

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