Change For A Dime

NOTE: if you offended by graphic talk, skip this story.

When I was stationed in Charleston, SC in 1976-77 I worked at the hospital in the laboratory as a lab tech. We had our work area where all the testing was performed and we also had a reception area where patients would get their blood drawn as well as floors (wards) dropping off specimens to us to test. The place where the floors would drop off specimens to us consisted of a large wide window with a table in front of the window on the lab side of the window.

One of the advantages of this window was that we could see anyone that came into the reception area…and it was a great way to check out the nice looking women that would periodically come to the lab to have lab work done. And whenever a nice looking young lady would come in…word got around the lab pretty quickly and we’d take turns at the window checking her out.

Another key part of this story is that one of the supervisors in the lab was a Chief (one of the higher ranks of non-commissioned officers), and this particular one had been in the Navy for over 20 years and was both a Christian and also a recovered alcoholic…but he was still a sailor at heart.

OK…now that I have set up the scenario, this is what happened to me one day.

Someone signaled to me that there was a very nice looking young lady in the reception area, so I made my way up to the window to take a gander of what lovely young damsel was out there. The next thing I know, my Chief is standing next to me and he see’s what I’m looking at…it’s a very nice looking lady wearing a T-shirt, but no bra. The Chief reaches into his pocket, and he says to me in normal tone voice, “Jarratt, do you have 2 NIPPLES for a dime”.  He rattled me for sure. I was embarrassed and scared, so I turned quickly and got away from the window.

He didn’t do it to embarrass me…he was just messing with me, but I learned my lesson. This is just what Chiefs do. That was more than 40 years ago, I still keep in touch with this guy, in fact he just turned 88 years old on March 10th.

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